How to hide photos on Android, Windows and iPhone

Thanks to the new technologies for capturing images and videos, increasingly smaller, simple to use and above all of quality that They were incorporated into cell phones, tablets, cameras and computers, the photographs came to be in the foreground, to the point that it is practically easier to show an image than to try to explain with words. Leaving aside the controversy that this fact can generate, the truth is that images are currently one of the most used methods by people around the world to communicate with others in a simple way and without barriers.

In this aspect, social networks play a more than important role, since in these areas the need to say something quickly, effectively and for everyone to understand us is more powerful than any text that can to write. In social networks we can find all kinds of images, from people who show their intimacy informing the world what food they are going to have for lunch that day, to people who use digital platforms to publicize their artistic work. In this sense, only Facebook, which is not an image-focused social network, usually shares about two billion photos per day.

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Going back to the beginning of the post, digital photography has allowed us to have visual records of all our daily activities, from when we get up until we go to bed, without spending a penny, and in many users this has become a vice, even portraying what should remain in the depths of privacy. This has led to all kinds of unpleasant situations, which even many of them have passed to the police plane.

The privacy of our lives must be protected, since we do not know who may be watching. With this in mind, throughout this post we will show you the simplest ways to hide photos on Windows, Android and iPhone.

We all need to hide photos and videos

No need to go to tragedy or the police plan, if we are users who only use the cell phone camera to portray a pleasant moment with our family or something we liked or it caught our attention, the truth is that most likely we have photos and videos stored on our devices that we do not want to share with anyone, since they are part of our intimacy, and should not leave the circle of our closest loved ones.

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In this scenario the photos and videos that we take our children and family, or even some situation in which we appear in some way in which others are not accustomed to seeing us, and although it seems too paranoid a thought, the truth is that there are never sufficient precautions to protect our privacy and the of our family from the looks of others. From hackers looking for a financial reward through scams to our co-worker eager to know how we live.

In cases where save private photos on our cell phone or computer, The first thing we have to think about is protecting our privacy. In this sense, security and privacy are strongly linked concepts, and should not be separated under any point of view. This must be so since any carelessness we have can expose our privacy to anyone who has no respect for what is foreign, even more so in an environment where social networks play the role of judge of our activities.

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A single oversight, someone interested in our activities and a social network are the best scenario to become victims of an unpleasant situation that we may not even be able to reverse again. All for a simple photo.

Now, if we have the possibility of being able to take a photo or make a video at the time and place that we please thanks to the cameras of the phones , why should we take so many precautions ? If I like to make part of my life public, why can’t I do it? The simple answer is that it is not a prohibition issue, but a subject related to many people who believe that by publishing certain things on a social network they can get into our house, or that our cell phone is open to anyone who wants to see its content.

That is why from this point on, we will show you how to hide photos and videos on Windows, Android and iPhone for that nobody can See them and thus protect our privacy from those we do not want to be part of it.

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Hiding photos and videos: Privacy and security assured

Currently, one of the issues that most concerns us, or should concern us, is the privacy of personal documents that we have stored on our devices. A very common scenario, and one that irritates us quite powerfully, is when we lend the computer to another person, colleague, friend or even a family member. As soon as you finish updating your social network, or what you needed to do, chances are will browse our personal videos and photos as if they were owned by anyone who happened to be there and wanted to see them.

Those things are ours, and no matter how close we are to the person who commits this excess, a difficult feeling surrounds us. So that this does not happen again, we have to implement a system in the computer that allows us to let other people use it without running the risk that can see things that belong to our privacy.

There are several methods for this, being hiding videos and photos the safest and easiest to do. Of course, these procedures will depend exclusively on the type of devices we use. However, in this post we have covered the current major operating systems such as Windows, Android and iPhone.

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Hiding photos and videos in Windows

Fortunately, in Windows hiding photos and videos is very easy to do, is plus we have two methods available: A manual mode with the Windows file tools and another method that involves the use of third-party apps.

As a first point, as it is the easiest to implement, we will show you how it works the method of hiding photos and videos using Windows tools. In this case it is very necessary to emphasize that the method will only work if the person does not have computer knowledge, as well as in the case that the person does not know that said photos and videos are there, hidden. It also requires that we store the images and videos that we want to hide in specific folders, but within the image folder structure intended for this in the operating system.

For hide videos and photos in Windows with the folder options, we must follow the instructions detailed below:

Step 1

The first thing we have to do is create and order the photos and videos that we want to hide in folders isolated from the rest, although they can remain within the folders of “Images” and ” Video ” for Windows. For example “Images”> “Holidays 2019”. In the case of videos, the same.

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Step 2

Once we order and create the folders with the photos and videos that we want to hide, with the right mouse button we click on the folders and select the option “Properties” After that click on the check box “Hidden”. To finish, click on the button “Accept.”

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Step 3

Next, click on the button “Accept” in the box that appears.

 hide-photos- videos-android-windows-iphone- (8)

Step 4

After that, we can see that the folder with photos or videos that we wanted to hide has disappeared from view.

 hide-photos-videos-android-windows-iphone- (9)

It should be noted that in order to To see the folders with hidden photos and videos again, all we have to do is click on the tab “View” in the upper panel of the Windows window and then activate the check box “Hidden elements.”

 hide-photos-videos-android-windows-iphone- (10)

To hide the photos and videos again, we deactivate the box “Hidden elements.”

The other method that we can use to hide photos and videos in Windows is through applications. In this sense, one of the most used apps for this type of tasks is Lockdir which in addition to protecting our photos and videos from prying eyes, also allows us to secure any other folder in which we store information of a private nature.

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The difference between this method to hide videos and photos and the manual with the Windows folder tools is that Lockdir uses passwords to work, therefore we will not have to make spatial movements with the folders to get it. It should be noted that this app to hide videos and photos is completely free.

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To hide photos and videos through an app, all we have to do is follow the instructions below:

Step 1

The first thing what we have to do is download Lockdir, what we can do by clicking on this link.

Step 2

Once the app stops hide photos and videos in Windows has been downloaded, we run it, since it is not necessary to install it, that is, it is a portable app.

 hide-photos-videos- android-windows-iphone- (13)

Step 3

Using the app is very simple, since the only thing that you We have to do is click on the folder icon to select the directory we want to protect in the window that appears.

 hide-photos-videos-android-windows-iphone- (14)

Step 4

Once we have selected the folders that we want to hide, we press the button “Accept”.

Step 5

After that, we write the password that we want to use and repeat it in both fields, to finish we click on the button “Protect ”.

 hide-photos-videos-android-windows-iphone- (15)

Step 6

From now on, every time we want to enter the folders with videos and photos that we hide with Lockdir, we will have to enter the key that we created when principle of the procedure in the field “Unprotect”

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Hide photos and videos on Android

One of the few disadvantages that portable devices have is in relation to privacy. Basically it is due to two main reasons, the need to be connected to the Internet, and the ability to be portable, which invites us to leave them at the disposal of anyone who passes by and wants to know that we have them stored in them. .

Regarding the first point, this is so because in order to connect to the Internet, we must make use of Wi-FI connections that are not always the safest, as for example those of an airport or a cafe. Otherwise, that is, through the 3G or 4G connection, it could be much more expensive. However, this puts us at risk, since we do not know who may be snooping on those open networks.

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But even worse risk is leaving the phone, computer or tablet in places where we know there are people affected by knowing what others keep on their devices. Of this class of people there are many, they surpass hackers in number and they are also everywhere, perhaps next to us, without us noticing.

An effective solution to avoid prying eyes is to hide all the cell phone content that we do not want others to see. To hide for example photos and videos on Android, there are two very effective methods: Use the integrated option that some phone models have, or use Google Play apps that leave us hide photos and videos easily and quickly.

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Hide photos and videos on Android without apps

The first method, use the options to hide content offered by certain latest generation cell phones such as some models from Samsung, LG, Huawei or Xiaomi. Next we will teach you how to hide photos and videos on Samsung and LG phones.

How to hide photos and videos on a Samsung S7 cell phone

Step 1

The first thing we have to do is go to “Settings> Privacy and Security> Private Mode”.

Step 2

Once there we select the type of access privately that we want. At this point we can choose between the options “Pattern”, “PIN” or “Password with Fingerprints”.

Step 3

It should be noted that when we activate “Private Mode” every time we need to see the protected content we will have to introduce the block method that we selected previously. Likewise, a padlock icon will be activated in the notification bar, indicating that private content is accessible.

Step 4

Once this is done, click on one of the photos in the gallery and look for the photos or videos that we want to hide.

Step 5

After that, click on the button “More”, located in the upper right and we select “Move to Private” in the drop-down list.

 hide-photos-videos -android-windows-iphone- (19)

How to hide photos and videos on an LG cell phone

Step 1

We navigate to “Settings> Fingerprints and Security> Content Blocking”. There we select the type of lock that we want to use: “Pattern”, “Password”, or if we so wish activate the recognition by means of fingerprints .

Step 2

We go to Gallery and select the photos and videos that we want to hide. It should be noted that we can also create a new folder, move the photos and videos there and then lock the newly created folder.

Step 3

Click on the icon of the three points located in the upper right.

Step 4

After that, we select “More> Block”.

It should be noted at this point that if we have configured the automatic upload of photos and videos to some cloud storage service such as OneDrive or Google Drive, it is possible that the same store in these services before we can block them, therefore they will be exposed in the cloud.

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Hide photos and videos on Android with Google Play apps

In the case that our cell phone does not have any way to hide photos and videos, a good way to do it is through third-party apps, such as those that we can find on Google Play.

Of these there are several, however two of the best are Keep Safe Vault and Vaulty, for capacity, safety, and ease of use.

Keep Safe Vault

This is one of the most popular applications to hide photos and videos on Android on the market. Without a doubt, the best feature of Keep Safe Vault is its ease of use, since we only have to open the app and select which Android photos and videos we want to hide. To access these images and videos, all we have to do is enter the PIN, pattern or fingerprint, depending on the method we have selected to hide them.

 hide-photos-videos- android-windows-iphone- (21)

Other features of this app to hide videos and photos on Android are for example the possibility of creating backup copies of photos and videos through a personal cloud, which is also encrypted. Even we can send photos and videos safely, which will disappear after 20 seconds.

If you want, you can download Keep Safe Vault by clicking on this link.


Another one of the best applications to hide photos and videos on Android, that is also completely free and very easy to use. To get the most out of it, the only thing we have to do is select the photos and videos that we want to hide and store them in the spaces for it, called “Vaults”, which we can then enter by entering the password or the PIN.

Regarding these vaults, it is necessary to emphasize that we can create as many as necessary, each one secured with a different password or PIN which makes it easier much the task of keeping all the photos and videos that we want to hide organized.

 hide-photos-videos-android-windows-iphone- (22)

Other features offered by this app is the possibility to create an encrypted backup of the photos and videos on Google Drive. In addition to this, every time someone tries to use the app, a photo will be taken, which will be very useful to separate snoopers from educated people.

If you wish, you can download Vaulty by pressing on this link.

Hide photos and videos on iPhone

In the same way that happens on Android phones, we also store thousands of Apple devices of personal images and videos, which correspond to our private life, and as is normal, we prefer that they remain private, that is, that no one but us and those we choose can see them.

That is why we need hide photos and videos on our iPhone or iPad. Fortunately, these devices offer the possibility of doing it in two ways: through a procedure with the team’s own tools, specifically with the “Photos” application or third-party apps.

 hide-photos-videos-android -windows-iphone- (23)

Hide photos and videos on iPhone with the “Photos” app

If we want hiding photos and videos on an iPhone or iPad with the first method, that is, with the app “Photos” is really easy to do, for which we have to follow the instructions on offer next.

Step 1

We open the Photos app and scroll to albums or camera roll.

Step 2

There we select the photos that we want to hide from prying eyes and click on the button “Hide”.

Step 3

Then click on “Hide photo” to confirm that we really want to hide the photo we selected.

It should be noted that once we have hidden the photos, they will no longer appear in our collection, but will be shown in a folder called “Hidden”.

Hide photos and videos on iPhone with third-party apps

If for some reason, the procedure described above does not satisfy us, we can always hide photos and videos on iPhone or iPad through third-party applications, that we can easily find on iTunes. In this case we have selected two apps, which in our opinion meet the best conditions, such as ease of use and good fulfillment of the task for which it was designed.


KeepSafe is an app for hide photos on iPhone or iPad that allows us to hide videos and photos from prying eyes, for which implement a system of access by PIN, fingerprint ID and also with military grade encryption.

 hide-photos-videos-android-windows-iphone- (24)

Other features of KeepSafe are the possibility of assign individual passwords for each of the video and photo albums we hide, a private cloud in which we can store up to 5000 photos, photo and video recovery from the trash: allowing us to recover photos and videos that we mistakenly deleted and many Other very interesting functions.

If you want, you can download KeepSafe by clicking on this link.

4 Pic Lock 2.0

] With Pic Lock Photo Video Vault, such is its full name, we can hide our photos and videos on the iPhone simply and quickly for which the interface of the app is perfectly studied. Among the main features of Pic Lock we can count on the possibility of detecting intruders by setting a false password as a decoy, in order to obtain a photo of the person who wants to see our photos and videos without our permission.

 hide-photos-videos-android-windows-iphone- (25)

It also allows us to create and hide unlimited photo and video albums, the possibility to export the images and videos to the vaults directly from the “Photos” app, synchronization with iTunes and many other features and advantages that make it perhaps the best app to hide photos and videos on an iPhone.

If you wish, you can download Pic Lock by clicking on this link.

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