How To Eliminate Red Pimples On Your Arms

Do not stop thinking about just wearing long sleeves to cover this aesthetic problem or avoid physical contact so that nobody knows this area of your skin?
The red granites on the arms are a skin disorder that is mainly due to the accumulation of sebum inside the hair follicles. When this “substance” cannot be eliminated, a kind of inflammation forms on the skin, similar to that of acne.

This imperfection that can be uncomfortable does have a solution, read on!

But you should know that you are not the only one who suffers, this condition is quite common in people who have dry and sensitive skin.

It is possible to treat red granites with natural remedies, without resorting to chemical products that can be aggressive to the skin. Take note!

1. Special exfoliation

This method is ideal for removing dead cells that are stored in the skin. Mix one teaspoon of honey, two tablespoons of natural yogurt, one of sugar and one of cornstarch.

Then, place the mixture on the granites massaging the area and remove with cold water after 10 minutes. When finished, apply a moisturizer that does not contain oil.

2. Water + salt

The properties of salt are a must to reduce the amount of sebum present in skin inflammation.

Mix half a cup of grain salt with hot water, in a large bowl where you can place your arms. Immerse the affected area for 10 minutes so that the hot water opens the pores and helps to get rid of the sebum.

3. Clay

Yes, that remedy that you use for masks can also be used to combat these annoying pimples. Moisten the clay with water to form a dough and then apply on the affected area, wait for it to dry and then remove with water. It is advisable to do it twice a week maximum, to avoid further drying the skin.

Remember that, in addition to carrying out these natural remedies. It is important to maintain a low-fat diet and drink plenty of water to purify your body.

If the pimples do not disappear. we recommend you go to a dermatologist to treat the problem as soon as possible.

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