How to Eat caviar And Complete Guide To Eating Caviar

The sturgeon roe is called caviar, a prehistoric fish that can be found in the Caspian Sea and some lakes and rivers in Europe and Central Asia. It is a truly delicate food, it must be kept at cold temperatures and opened specifically at the time you are going to eat. Due to the limited availability of sturgeon species (beluga, sevruga, and Russian sturgeon), caviar is very expensive food.

How to Eat caviar

On the other hand, caviar serves as an entrance to any main dish, as well as can be consumed alone or in the company of other foods such as eggs, toast, eggplant, salmon, among others. If you want to know more about this gastronomic luxury, continue reading to find out how to eat caviar.

How To Eat Caviar Alone

  • Caviar is a delicate food that can be eaten alone or in the company of other foods, it also has a delicate flavor that should not be too salty nor should it taste much fishy. If you can access this delicacy, consider the following aspects to eat the caviar only correctly:
  • Caviar should be swallowed in small quantities. If it’s your first bite, don’t fill the whole spoonful. In this way, you can taste their nuances and flavors better. Subsequently, you can eat a spoonful. Not usually served more than 60 grams per person.
  • When it’s in your mouth, don’t chew it. Let it fall apart and enjoy its flavors.
  • Be sure to roll the roe in your mouth using your tongue.

How To Eat Caviar With Butter And Blinis

There are different ways to accompany a bite of caviar. Some people eat them with toast, unsalted cookie or crispy slices. It is also very common to serve it on a blini, a traditional Slavic pancake. Some experts argue that spreading butter on the base before serving caviar will improve its flavor. To prepare and eat caviar with butter and blinis, you must follow the following steps:

  • Spread a little butter or sour cream to improve the taste of caviar.
  • Place a small teaspoon of caviar without crushing it, you just have to place it on the blini.
  • You can decorate the dish with some chives, a splash of lemon juice or fresh herbs such as parsley or dill.
  • Roll it up or leave it unwrapped and you will be ready to eat.

You can use these same steps and tips for eating caviar on toast or cookies. Salmon is also an excellent companion for caviar.

Eat Caviar With Butter

What do you drink with caviar?

One of the most classic ways to accompany this food is to drink the caviar with a glass of cold vodka. Other alcoholic beverages that you can use for the same purpose are champagne, sparkling wine, and cava. It is recommended to alternate a bite of caviar with the drink.

In the United States, it was traditional to consume it with beer, using caviar as a salty snack to promote its sale. Today, although it is a rare combination, it has its affections.

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Tips for eating caviar

There is a whole label to eat caviar correctly and enjoy this luxury so that all its flavors and nuances are enhanced. These are some of the best tips for eating caviar :

  • The caviar should be kept very well refrigerated. You can place it on top of the refrigerator to help maintain its flavor.
  • Its consumption should not exceed 6 months since it occurred, so you can be sure that you are eating fresh caviar.
  • Use a glass or wooden teaspoon to eat it. Mother of pearl and bone teaspoons are also commonly used to enjoy caviar. Instead, metal cutlery should be avoided, as they can easily change the taste of caviar.
  • The caviar should be served completely cold. It can be presented in a non-metallic container with an ice base to maintain its temperature.
  • You can recognize good quality caviar by its appearance. The caviar balls should be round, medium and bright. They must come whole and full. Also, when tasting it, it should not be very salty.

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The price of caviar – How much does it cost?

Caviar is one of the most expensive foods worldwide, due to the small population of existing sturgeons. Also, they take a long time to reach sexual maturity and produce roe. Sturgeon is in danger of extinction, so hunting has also been banned. The price of caviar usually varies depending on the class you want, in addition to the quantity.

There are different types of caviar. Although black caviar, coming from sturgeon roe, is considered the original caviar, there are also other options such as red caviar, which is made of fish roe such as red salmon, cod or trout.

However, black caviar is the most expensive and has a large number of varieties. The Caspian Sea is home to the largest population of these fish, so it is usually found in countries such as Iran and Russia. For its part, red caviar is cheaper, which is why it is used to serve it at weddings and different social events.

So how much does caviar cost? A small portion of black caviar (50 grams) has an approximate price of between 40 and 90 euros, while a kilogram can cost between 3,000 and 25,000 euros.

Caviar is a food with a wide variety of health benefits, as it works as an aphrodisiac and also contains large amounts of omega 3. In this sense, it helps treat the symptoms of bipolarity, increases appetite and is an excellent remedy to fight depression.

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Red Caviar

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