How to delete a Facebook account step by step

We all know very well that without a doubt social networks have become a regular part of our lives, and although the reasons for there are many of them, the truth is that fundamentally it is because these web services allow us to communicate with each other.

Within the great variety of social networks that currently exist in the internet market, without a doubt one of the most popular and predominant today is Facebook, perhaps due to its ease of use, perhaps due to its appearance, or perhaps this is due to the fact that almost everyone today has a user account in said social network.

Whatever the reason, today practically everyone has one or more user accounts on Facebook, but perhaps many want to stop using the service. Although it is enough to no longer visit the Facebook website and uninstall the application on our mobile devices, it is true that if we choose to stop using Facebook, the best thing is to delete our account.

For this there are different methods, since we can choose to deactivate or delete our Facebook account, and that is why in this article we tell you what scope each of these options has and how to carry them out .

Why delete a Facebook account?

There are many reasons why a Facebook user would like to disappear from the popular social network, and the causes they generally cite are the fear that their privacy will be violated, the waste of time that means maintaining the relationships they have on the site, in addition to the fear that their activities within Fa cebook may be an obstacle when trying to get a job or similar situations.

All of them are absolutely valid reasons, and if we find ourselves in any of these groups, deleting our Facebook account is the only option available to end the problem.

It should be noted that the social network offers two ways to do this: deactivate the account, which will allow us to repent , reuse it without problems, and the total elimination of it, without any possibility of recovery, including all the contents that we might have stored there.

That is why it is advisable, before starting to carry out the procedure to delete our Facebook account, so as not to lose the photos that we may have stored in the social network, carry out a backup of them. Once this is done, we can proceed to delete the user account.

Reasons why Facebook could delete your account

Another important aspect that we must take into account When using Facebook, there are some reasons why we can be expelled from the social network, mainly when we do not respect the rules that the service has.

Facebook has a series of rules that registering in the service we promise to comply, and in the opposite case the company has the power to delete our user account, so if at any time we wanted to enter Facebook with our account and we could not, it is probable that we have violated some of its laws.

If what you want is to avoid that at some point in time Facebook decides to delete our account from user Because for some reason we have not respected some of the laws that govern the service, the best thing we can do is to always keep in mind what are the main rules that we must be careful not to violate when making a publication, making a comment or others.

In general terms, one of the main actions that we should avoid carrying out on Facebook is lying about ourselves, so we should not lie when we enter our personal data including everything related to our work , our studies, our age and others.

At the same time we should avoid using nicknames or initials, we should always use our real name, thus avoiding being able to make people believe others that it is a false account. Note that other users can report our account and so Facebook can choose to delete it . In short, lies have short legs, and on Facebook too.

Another reason for expulsion from Facebook is spam, therefore if we are going to post messages on the wall of a friend or family member, we must take into account that if we publish an enormous amount of followed messages on someone else’s wall it can be considered spam for Facebook.

On the other hand, we must be careful in the frequency with which we add friends, as well as the number of groups we join. In the case of groups, we must remember that we must avoid joining more than 200 groups, and when it comes to friends, it is not advisable to add too many friends in short periods of time. There is also a limit so we should not exceed 5,000.

When we go to make a publication on our wall, we must always keep in mind that Facebook sanctions users who advertise applications in their space, and it is also important to also avoid the publication of obscene, hurtful or copyrighted images.

Facebook may also decide to sanction us and delete our account if it has been created based on a fictional character or if we are posing as someone else, which often happens with celebrities.

We should avoid by everyone the media use the same text to send to different contacts. Of course it is very comfortable to copy and paste, but the ideal in these cases is to label the people to whom we want our publication to reach them, instead of repeating it on the walls of others.

Another of the fundamental reasons why Facebook may decide to sanction us, in addition to the publication of offensive images, is the use in our publications or comments of offensive language . At this point, it is important to clarify that it is prohibited to insult other users, attack them using the spam method, harass people, usurp identities and others, since these are considered serious actions and even crimes.

Along these same lines, it is important to mention that it is strictly forbidden to steal Facebook information through scripts. Likewise, Facebook can sanction us and delete our account in the event that we have published other people’s private information.

Finally, it should be clarified that although after disobeying any of these rules Facebook may decide sanction us and delete our account, the truth is that in most cases the sanction consists of a disqualification.

Therefore, it is important to note that the disabling of our Facebook account may not necessarily become definitive, but is usually usually implemented by the service for a certain period of time, which will depend on the severity of the offense committed.

How to recover a disabled account on Facebook

As we have seen, if we violated some of the rules that govern the Facebook service, our user account may become disabled for a certain period of time, which may actually extend more than we wish.

Therefore, if we find ourselves facing In this situation, we must request the reactivation of our Facebook account by submitting a claim, for which we must carry out the steps detailed below. It should be noted that it is recommended to make the claim through a web browser on a computer and not from the application for mobile devices.

Step 1

Before starting the claim, we must make sure that our Facebook account has actually been disabled by the service, for which we must visit the Facebook website, log in with our email and password, and verify if when we click on the button “Login” the following message appears: “Account disabled.”

This way we can Check if our Facebook account has been blocked.

Step 2

In the event that our Facebook account has been disabled, we must proceed to visit the help page for These cases, titled “My personal Facebook account is disabled”, at this link .

Step 3

Once we are on that page, we must click on the link “use this form to request a review “, which will open a new browser tab in which we will see the form to present the claim.

Step 4

When opening the new tab, in principle Facebook will ask us that we close the session, for which we must press the button “Close session”, after which we must close the web browser and reopen it, in order to delete the browser’s cookies before continue with the claim procedure.

Step 5

Then we reopen the web browser we enter the page of the claim form again and we begin to log in to Facebook in the usual way, that is with our email and our password.

Step 6

When completing the form we must enter our name as we use it on our Facebook account We must upload a screenshot of our identity document, and add all the additional information requested to carry out the claim.

In this case, it is recommended to enter the field “Additional information”, all the data we create is important to send to Facebook, including our legal name, address, age, date of birth, occupation and others.

Likewise, we can s add in this field if we believe that our Facebook account has been hacked and also add visual evidence to prove it.

Step 7

Once we have completed the form, it will only be necessary to click on the option “Send”, with which our claim will be sent to Facebook.

With the passage of days, If Facebook decides to re-enable our account, will notify us of its decision through an email informing us that we can now start using our account without problems.

Unsubscribe from Facebook

The reasons why we may find ourselves facing the situation of wanting to unsubscribe from our Facebook account, as we have seen, can be diverse, but the truth is that before to start the process we must be completely sure that we are no longer interested in using our user account on the social network again.

Once we have that clear, then we can unsubscribe a Facebook account using the option to deactivate the account, with which we can reactivate it and use it in the future, or directly delete it, although it should be noted that with this we will be saying goodbye forever to our user account, its content, contacts and others.

In the case of leaving Facebook, the service offers us various options depending on the reasons and circumstances for which we want to give download an account. Among these options, Facebook gives us the possibility of deleting an account due to the death of its owner, being able to choose a person to manage the account of a deceased, deactivate our account or delete it forever.

In the event that we decide to deactivate the account, we will see that Facebook will do its best to evaluate the situation and desist from unsubscribing Facebook, for which it will use various warnings related to the content we have shared on the social network.

If we proceed with the procedure, we must complete a form in which we must describe the reasons why we have decided to unsubscribe Facebook and deactivate our account.

The same happens if instead of deactivating the account, we decided to take a more radical step and opted for to eliminate our user account on Facebook. Of course, before that we must make a backup of the content we have shared, since deleting the account will lose all the shared photos and videos.

Once we have completed all the steps to permanently delete our Facebook account, we will see that the company will grant us a period of 14 days in which the account will only be suspended, in case we decide to return.

Therefore, if you are looking for the correct way to unsubscribe from Facebook, continue reading, as we will explain how to perform the procedure to deactivate and delete an account on the social network.

How to deactivate a Facebook account

If you have come this far, you are surely thinking of deactivating a Facebook account for some reason. Beyond the causes that have led you to decide to leave the social network for a time, to do so you must know the appropriate procedure.

That is why we detail below the step by step to carry out and be able to deactivate a Facebook account in the correct way.

Step 1

The first thing we will do to be able to deactivate a Facebook account will be log in to the Facebook page with the username and password of the account you want to deactivate.

Step 2

Once we have logeado, we must click on the arrow-shaped icon that is located in the upper right corner of the screen, which will display a menu in which we must click on the item “Configuration”.

Step 3

When the configuration page of our Facebook account has been displayed, we must go to the panel located on the left of the screen, in which we must click on the section “You information on Facebook. ”

Step 4

The various options offered by the system will be displayed and we will see that the last item is about “Deactivation and elimination”, so we must click on the link that is in it.

Step 5

Next we must choose between the options to deactivate or delete our Facebook account. In this case we will click on the box of “Deactivate account” and then we must click on the button “Continue with the deactivation of the account”.

The system will ask us to enter our password to continue the procedure.

Step 6

Next, a new screen will be displayed in which We must complete the form, which among other things asks us to explain the reason why we want to deactivate our Facebook account.

Then we must proceed to check the box corresponding to the cause for which we want to deactivate our account. It is also important to remember to check the box “From now on I do not want to receive email messages from Facebook “, since if we leave it unchecked we will still continue to receive invitations and requests.

Step 7

To finish, all that remains is to press the button “Deactivate”, and in the box that appears, press on the button “Deactivate Now.”

After that we will be able to observe a message that our Facebook account has been deactivated . In the event that at any time we want to reactivate it and start using it again, all we have to do is log in with our credentials.

What it means to deactivate a Facebook account

As we mentioned, deactivating an account offers us the possibility of using it again later. But it implies some things that we must know:

The first thing we have to know is that we will not be able to be found in the searches made by other users, but it can still become available certain information from us such as messages.

Another very important thing to remember is that Facebook will store all our personal information on its servers, including photographs, contacts and any other data related to us. This is because if we want to reactivate our account we are obviously going to want all of it to be there.

How to delete a Facebook account

If we are determined to Something more radical, that is to say, leave Facebook forever, so what we must do is definitively delete our account in the social network.

For this we must carry out the steps detailed below.

Step 1

As in the previous procedure, we must log in to Facebook with the user account that we are going to delete.

Step 2

The next step will be to click on the arrow icon that allows us to access the “Settings” of the account through the menu.

Step 3

After that, we must press ar in the section “Your information on Facebook”, where then we must click on the link “Deactivate your account for a while or permanently delete it.”


Step 4

Next we must check the box of “Delete account permanently” and then press the button “Continue with the removal of the account ”

Step 5

We will see that on the next screen that is displayed Facebook offers us on one hand to continue using our Messenger account despite deleting our user account on Facebook, as well as the possibility of downloading all our information.

After having checked the options that interest us, we must press the button “Delete my account.”

We can also access this page to delete a Facebook account, by clicking on the following link: https: //www.facebook. com / help / delete_account .

Step 6

The system will ask us to confirm that it is our user account, for which we must log in again our password.

Step 7

Finally it will only remain that we click on the button “Delete account” that appears in the dialog box that

Step 8

The following will be that Facebook will inform us that if we delete our account Facebook we will not be able to recover anything that it contained.

Here we must i Enter our password and a captcha again, to finally click on the “Accept” button.

If we have carried out all the steps correctly, we will no longer be part of the Mark Zuckerberg community.

What it means to delete a Facebook account

The deletion of a Facebook account will prevent us from accessing it again forever, and we will no longer be able to contact the people with whom we had relations, nor can we count on the photos, videos, or items that we had stored there.

In this sense, and While most of the account’s data and personal information will be removed, including the email address, the IM username, and many other details, others may still be maintained on Face’s servers. book such is the case of our name, in the event that we have contacted someone.

It should be noted that when we delete a Facebook account, the service gives us a period of 14 days to reverse the procedure. After those two weeks, the system will permanently delete our Facebook account.

Is it possible to delete an account from the Facebook app?

Although we have already mentioned earlier in this article what is most convenient when it comes to deleting a Facebook account is to do it through our computer using the web browser, the truth is that we can also carry carry out this procedure on our mobile device with the Android and iOS operating systems.

In the event that we want to delete our Facebook account from our mobile phone The first thing we must do is deactivate said account and then proceed to delete it.

Here we tell you the step by step to be able to delete an account from the app From Facebook.

Step 1

The first thing we should do is run the Facebook app on our Android or iOS device and log in, after which we must click on the icon drop-down menu, which is located in the upper right sector of the screen, and then in “View your profile”.


Step 2

We scroll down and click on the item “Configuration and privacy”.

Step 3

On the next screen we click on the section “Privacy shortcuts”.

Step 4

Then we must search the section “Your information on Facebook” where we will find the item “Delete your account and your information” on which we must press.

Step 5

On the next page we must choose between the option “Deactivate account” or “Delete account”, and after checking the box corresponding to what we want to do with our Facebook account, all that remains is to press the button “Continue with deactivation / account deletion. ”

Step 6

The system will ask us for our account password again user, after which the form will be displayed to request the withdrawal of the Facebook account through the app.

Step 7

Finally, it only remains for us to confirm that we want to deactivate or eliminate the c Facebook account.

It should be noted that in the same way that this procedure is carried out on the computer through the web browser, when we deactivate our account in the Facebook app we can always activate it again whenever we want, and in the case of deleting it, we will have a period of 14 days to recover the account.

Remember that by deactivating the account we are not deleting it, but it continues there, so if what we are looking for is to leave the social network forever, then we must permanently delete the Facebook account.

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