How to create an email step by step … and then send!

The question that all users have asked ourselves the first time we sit in front of a computer was surely How to send an email? Such is the importance that this means of communication has acquired in modern times that it is difficult to find in the world someone who does not have an email address with which to communicate with family, friends and labor relations.

Currently there are many companies dedicated to the email service the most important being, by characteristics and presence, Google with its Gmail, Yahoo with Yahoo Mail and Microsoft with Outlook. Any of these services is excellent, and it is only a matter of the user trying them out to find the one that best suits their needs. But this is not always such a simple task, especially with beginners. That is why in this article we will start with the simplest and most basic aspect: how to create and send an email with these three services.

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Why is email so important

Email is one of the digital tools that makes use of the Internet more used throughout the world, and the truth is that today there is hardly anyone on the planet who does not have an email account.

This mass use of email, which in principle came to replace traditional mail where we send handwritten letters, has generated that even our email account is today considered one of the pillars of our personal information, similar even to the role of the address nu physics home.

Whether we use it for personal reasons, such as keeping in touch with friends or family, or use it for the workplace, email accounts are something which we cannot do without today.

With this in mind, from this point on we begin with this detailed tutorial for sending an email, and in the event that you do not you have an account with Google, Outlook or Yahoo! We will also teach you how to obtain them.


Create a new email

From this point on, we will know everything necessary to start creating a message and using email, including some guidelines regarding safety and productivity.
Before we begin to enter the fantastic world of email, we must first know some basic rules that will allow us to move with security and comfort.

Currently, most email providers allow use the same user account to access all the services that the company offers, such is the case of Microsoft, Yahoo and Gmail, which provide the opportunity to use, for example, Maps and Chrome in the case of Google, OneDrive and Outlook in the case of Microsoft and Mail and Flickr in the case of Yahoo.

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En To say that obtaining an account in one of these providers will allow us to authenticate with the same user account in each of these services, without having to obtain an account for each of them separately.

 cre ar-and-send-email-(4)

It is also important to know that when obtaining an account in any of these companies, we will need to complete some information, that will help us in specific cases such as losing or forgetting the password and avoiding account theft. Although it may seem at this point that it is not necessary to provide this type of information, later it may be our only salvation in case something happens. It should be noted that not all services use the same method to create an account.

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What do we need to create an email?

In the first instance, we must enter a cell phone number, an important requirement if we want to regain control of our account in the event of loss or theft of the password . This is to prevent anyone who accesses our computer from easily recovering the password and hijacking our account. So not to be afraid and enter the cell number, since it is a very important security measure.

The second requirement that almost all companies ask for is email alternative email, which will also be used to prevent the hijacking of the email account by stealing the password. This mechanism is put into practice every time we request a password recovery from our account, sending the necessary information for recovery to this alternative email.

If we do not complete this step, in in case of problems it will be practically impossible to recover an email account.

The third necessary requirement is the call “Secret question”, method by which anyone who wants to steal our account must know the answer to a previously registered question known only to us. Implementing this system is really simple, you only need to select one of the questions that the system offers us to answer. It seems like a fairly simple methodology, but it is a very good advantage.

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It is also necessary to clarify that these Services are all online, that is, they work in the cloud and therefore are completely independent of the browser or operating system used, for example Linux, iOS or Windows. It is also possible to install them on our mobile device, regardless of brand, model or operating system that equips it, such as Android, iOS or Windows Phone.

Now that we know the main requirements to be able to create our own email account, we can go to the next level, that is to say create this email account either in Google, Microsoft or Yahoo.

How to create an Outlook email (Hotmail)

Although it seems that the webmail market is dominated by the omnipresence of Google and its Gmail, the truth is that we can still count on other email services such as Hotmail and Yahoo, being the first of those mentioned, the best alternative if we do not want to be so subject to the designs of the Mountain View company.

Outlook, still called Hotmail for some of its accounts, in the current idad is one of the best webmails in the world, since, in addition to offering many and very good tools for email management, it is one of the key Microsoft services, with all the guarantees that this implies. That is why from this point we will learn everything necessary to start using Hotmail and get the best out of the service.

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Hotmail, now called Outlook, is a pioneering free web-based email service that belongs to Microsoft, and which has its origins in the second half of the 90s, and which is currently one of the most used services of its kind in the world.

As a curious fact, we can highlight that the idea of ​​calling the mail service Electronic as “Hotmail” in its beginnings is due to the need of the creators to include as a pun the acronym HTML in the name of the final development, that is, HoTMaiL.

By using Outlook we will have at our disposal an interesting quantity ity of options to manage and use email, as it provides Integration with the main social networks, including Facebook, in addition to integration with OneDrive, allowing us to store attachments directly without the need for third parties services.

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It also offers news reception and the possibility receive emails from other accounts that we have in other services such as Gmail or Yahoo. Other features offered by Outlook is the management of mail folders, with which we can keep all the email we receive always well organized.

Likewise we can manage Office documents such as Word or Excel, all this intuitively and very simply and through a minimalist interface, the best way for an inexperienced user. Fortunately, for all those who want to create an Outlook email, or Hotmail, whatever you want to call it, the way to obtain it is very easy, and it only requires a few steps, which are the following:

Step 1

We open our favorite browser and click on this link, that will take us directly to the Microsoft page where we can create a Outlook email.

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Step 2

There, the system will present us with a form that we will have to fill in with our data such as username, password, alternative email address and so on.

Step 3

Once we complete the form, we press the Button “Cre to count ”. IF everything went well, we will have already created our Outlook, and it is time to start using it.

 create-and-send-email-email- (10 )

It should be noted that if we have a problem with the name of the Outlook account, which may already be in use, we can always change it to “Outlook”, u “Outlook” and the prefix that corresponds to our country.

How to create an email Gmail

In the vast universe of options that we have available to be able to create our own email account, we can find the most diverse free services, being one of the most popular Gmail the email service of Google.

And why is it the most popular service? Well, the reasons are multiple, but mainly we can say that it is a reliable, stable service that offers us a wide range of tools.

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The first thing that we should know about Gmail is that it is a free service provided by the company Google which basically by creating an account for Gmail this service allows us to send and receive email over the internet.

One of the great advantages of Gmail compared to the thousands of email services that exist today, is that Google’s service has the ability to store several gigabytes of email data, so we don’t always have to worry when receiving emails that our mailbox will be saturated, since the storage di Sponsible is significant.

On the other hand, another feature of Gmail is that it gives us the possibility of remaining inactive for up to nine months without deleting our email account. This is very interesting since most other services require that we log in to the account at least once every 30 days to keep it active.

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Another aspect of Gmail, and this is perhaps the most relevant, is that the service has one of the best platforms for to detect the entry of spam, so all the spam that arrives at our mailbox is filtered and sent directly to the spam section.

In addition to all this, from the moment we create a Gmail account We may have access to other Google products, including YouTube, Google Drive, and all other company services. These and others are the fundamental reasons why most users today choose to use Gmail’s account service as email.

In addition to the above, One of the characteristics that has made the Gmail service provided by Google enormously popular is the great ease of use it has, which ultimately allows anyone to create a Gmail account and use it without problems.

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Gmail has a series of tools that all users, even the least experienced, can use and take advantage of, and it also has a really simple interface to use, whether we use the service through the web browser or the application available mainly for portable devices.

This has done that Gmail is not only one of the most chosen email services by users around the world for personal use, but also that the service is widely used at corporate and work level.

Due to the facility that has the procedure to create a Gmail account, if you do not have an email yet, we recommend you opt for this alternative, so below we will tell you the step by step to create a Gmail account.

As we mentioned, the procedure to create a Gmail account is really simple, and the truth is that in a few minutes we can start enjoying the advantages that we offers this service. Here we tell you the steps to create a Gmail account.

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Step 1

The first thing we should do is open the web browser on our computer and go to the Gmail web page, at this link .

Step 2

On the next page we must click on the button “Create account”.

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Step 3

Next, a new screen will appear, showing a form the which we must complete with data such as our full name, sex, date of birth and others. There we will also be asked to create a username and choose a password.


It should be noted that our username will be the one that will become our Gmail email address so we must be very specific when choosing it. The same must be taken into account when choosing a password, which must be especially secure.

It is important to note that when choosing a username, if it is not available, the Gmail system will show us different similar options for us to choose between, or we can try a different name.

While we are completing the form we will see that there are some data that are optional, that is, it is not necessary that we complete, no However, we recommend indicating a mobile phone number, as this is a fundamental part of security, especially since in the event that we forget the password to access our Gmail account, the Google service You can send us a text message to access it.

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Step 4

A Once we have completed the form, we must click on the button “Next step”, that is at the end of this form.

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Step 5

The next step is to accept the terms and conditions of use, so we must press the button “ I accept ”, which is located in the lower right corner of the page.

 create-and-send-e-mail- (19)

Step 6

On the next page, the Gmail service will welcome us, so to access our new email box we must click on the button “Continue to Gmail”.


A c Then a new screen will be displayed, which will show precisely our new email box for the Gmail account which we can already start using.

How to create an email Yahoo

Recently redesigned new topics and with a message organization tab system, Yahoo Mail is another mail service that has a lot of experience and competitiveness, and that also offers a tempting amount of features and options that we cannot miss in any in-depth look at the service.


It should be noted that, like other mail services such as Gmail or Outlook, when we create an account in the system, this will also serve us to be able to access other company services such asFlickr, with all the advantages that this offers, especially for users who usually work with large amounts of photographs.

If we want to create an account in Yahoo Mail the only thing We have to do is follow the instructions detailed below:

Step 1

To create an email with Yahoo, click on this link, which will immediately take us to the service page, where we can start creating our email account. To do this, we press the button “Register”, after which the following form will appear, in which we will have to select “Create account”.

 create-and-send-email- (22)

Step 2

At this point, we will have to fill in the form that is presented with all our data, including the username, our date of birth, a password and more.

 create-and-send-email-email (23)

Step 3

Once we finish completing the form, the system will return a new dialog box, in which we will have to enter our cell phone number . At this point, said number must be valid, since through this the company will send us a verification code that we will have to enter in order to finish creating the email account.

 create-and-send-email- (24)

Step 4

When Yahoo sends us a message with the verification code, we enter it and we will be able to use our new Yahoo mail.

 create-and-send-email- (25)

Like send an email Outlook (Hotmail)

After the creation of our account in Outlook, we may have to login on some devices. Although it is not a complicated task, the truth is that it can be a bit cumbersome, so in this part of the post we will teach you how to log in to Outlook to be able to send an email.

It should be noted that if it bothers us to have to enter this data every time we log in to Hotmail, the best thing to do is tell our browser to store the passwords for this site, as long as this computer is not used by nobody but us.

Logging in to Outlook

Logging into Outlook is a simple task, since we will only have to access Hotmail through this link , enter the username and password that we add when we create our Hotmail. Once this is done, we can start sending and receiving emails through Outlook.

 create-and-send-email-email (26)

Then After undergoing a major change in direction and a general restyling, Microsoft’s webmail is becoming a strong alternative to competitors like Gmail. Also, as we mentioned, by obtaining a Microsoft account, we will be able to access other company services such as OneDrive, a storage disk in the cloud.

Once we have everything we need, we can go to send an email by Outlook, for this, below these lines we will find all the detailed instructions.

Step 1

On the main screen of Outlook, click on the tab “+ New message”, which will show us a new window.

 create-and-send-email-email (27)

Step 2

There we will find several fields, such as “To”, field in which we will enter the person’s email to which we want to send the message. Then we find “Add a subject”, which is nothing other than the title of the message, and finally the body of the text, where we will write what we want to communicate.


It should be noted that if we want add GIF images, emojis or other files, as well as edit the size and the typography of the text, we can do it at the foot of the message.


Step 3

When we have finished the message, all that remains is to click on the button “Send”, after which the message will go out to our recipient.


How to send a Gmail email

No cab There is no doubt that Gmail is currently the most widely used email service around the world, and this is mainly due to the features and options it offers, and that day by day they improve and grow to offer each Once again a better and complete user experience.

For send an email with Gmail, once we have created our email account with Gmail as we showed earlier in this same post, all we have to do is click on this link and log in. After that we follow the instructions detailed below.

 create-and-send-email- (31)

Step 1

Once logged in to Gmail, we will be able to send an email to any of our contacts, which we can do comfortably using the button “Compose”. Here the fields to be completed are “To”, “From” and “Subject”, where “To” is the email of the contact to whom We want to send you the message, “From” is the account from which we are going to send you the message.


This very useful option since in the case of having selected to receive emails from another account in Gmail, we can use it to send as well. Finally “Subject”, field where we will write the title or reference of what the email is about. We will also find at the bottom of the window with a series of options to edit the size and typography of the text, add emojis and images.

Step 2

To send the message, all we have to do is click on the button “Send”, which will immediately send the message to its recipient.

 create-y -send-email-(33)

How to send a Yahoo email

After we have created our email on Yahoo, we can already use of the service to send emails to all our contacts. The only thing we have to do for it is to follow the instructions detailed below.

Step 1

We open the Yahoo page and once in the window of the mail, click on the button “Write”. With respect to the fields to complete to send an email, there are two: “To” field to add the contacts to whom we want to send the emails, and “ Subject ”field to add the title of the message.

 create-and-send-e-mail- (34)

Then we we find the space where we will write the body of the text and finally, at the bottom of the window, and similarly to the other services mentioned above, we find a series of options to modify the attributes of the text and add images and emojis.


Step 2

Once the message is written, to send the email the only thing we have to do is press the button “Send ar ”, after which the message will be sent to the recipient we have selected.

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