How to Cook Perfect Potato Chips Recipe

Potato chips are one of the basic recipes of any kitchen . Potatoes are an essential ingredient for many dishes, in tortillas, purees, stews, stuffed, they will always be good. There is a presentation that makes them the undisputed queens of any self-respecting table, fried, as an aperitif or as a complement to fish or meat, they will shine with their own light. Malaga chef Dani García with three Michelin stars, has revealed on Instagram the secrets of a perfect fried potato. If you want to cook some potatoes that will cause a sensation, take note of these tricks.

How to cook perfect potato chips

  • Sharpen the knife well. According to Dani García, it is important to cut the potatoes of the same size. Those same sticks are not purely aesthetic, they have a very important purpose. The perfect potato chips will cook at once. They will all be perfect frying at the same temperature. We can use a cutter or spend time on this first step, the sticks should be as equal as possible.
  • Remove all starch. This step is the one that achieves the ideal potato. We put the potatoes in a strainer and wash them until the water comes out clean, in this way all the starch will be removed. When they have released all the starch, drain them well and it will be time to salt them to taste.
  • Heat the oil in moderation. Dani García places the potatoes on a 7 out of 9 fire. According to his experience, if the oil is very hot, they can burn on the outside and remain undercooked on the inside, something that should be taken into account before putting the potatoes. Heat the oil, but in moderation, if you reach the maximum of your ceramic hob or fire.
  • Move the potatoes. Frying some potatoes is not just throwing them directly into the pan and letting the hot oil do its work. After about 4 minutes Dani moves the potatoes, in this way they will not stick to the bottom and we will be better cooked. After 8 minutes, the heat rises because the potato is already cooked inside, so you get the crisp exterior that arouses passions throughout the world.

17 minutes is the time it takes for a potato to fry perfectly . With these teachings from a Michelin-starred chef success is assured. It is time to lose the fear of making chips at home, homemade potatoes have nothing to do with frozen ones. With a little mayonnaise or sauce you will have the perfect snack or complement to any dish.

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