How to Clean Carpet Yourself – Wet vs. Dry Cheapest Way Without Steam Mop

How to Clean Carpet Yourself? Carpet cleaning companies recommend two major methods of carpet maintenance. These are the traditional wet procedures and more modern dry cleaning methods.

How to Clean Carpet Yourself

Wet vs. Dry Carpet Cleaning

Wet Methods

Shampooing carpets is the oldest and arguably the least effective of all the known methods. Different varieties and brands of shampoo are being sold in the market. These commodities have deodorizers and other components which can make your carpet smell crisp and look good. The shampoo can be applied using a special gadget or manually with the aid of a brush. However, the well-entrenched dirt is hardly removed. The germs usually remain and the luster diminishes after the effects of the shampoo have worn off.

Commercial carpet cleaners normally offer steam cleaning or extraction by hot water. It has been described as a very effective procedure. A potent piece of equipment infuses a mixture of hot water and special chemical into the carpet. This solution is wheedled out by the machine and the carpet looks new and emits a pleasant scent once again. Moreover, much of the ingrained dirt and microbes are removed during this treatment.

Dry Cleaning Systems

Dry cleaning is low-moisture cleansing. It is not totally dry although one method makes use of lesser amount of water than the other. The immediate benefits are fast drying time, easier procedure and less expensive price.

One of the methods recommended by professional carpet cleaning services is the dry foam method wherein the shampoo is drained off by vacuum equipment. Nonetheless, a small amount of filtrate is left that is why some homeowners describe it as not so effective. A similar approach is dry chemical or dry foam. The difference is the bonnet or big cotton pad which is twirled by a gadget from one end of the carpet to the other. The pad takes care of absorbing the dirt but a big portion still remains.

The third process is called dry-compound. It daubs a porous mixture which resembles drenched sawdust all over the carpet. An instrument brushes the mix into the carpet supposedly to soak up the grime but no rinsing is done. Again, some users say that this technique is not really useful.

The last is the encapsulation treatment (similar to dry foam) wherein the cleaning chemical is lifted mechanically by a weightless material made of foam. When the carpet dries up, a stabilizer made of acrylic polymer comes together. Carpet cleaners say this new method is said to work for commercial carpets.

Many homeowners believe that rinsing carpets is still best solution although it is really up to the carpet owner which particular method is appropriate for the carpet. One of the positive points of bringing in experts is the convenience of not having to do this kind of work. It is certainly very demanding and time consuming. Besides, if you allow professionals to do the job, most of these companies utilize environmental-friendly carpet cleaning supplies. These are relatively non-toxic for human beings and animals. It is now easier to find a company which uses non-hazardous and green products for rugs and carpets.

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