Homemade Pizza Recipe With Flour And Common Yeast

This homemade pizza with flour and common yeast is very easy to prepare, you do not need to be an Italian by birth or have a bakery nearby to obtain the ingredients and the expected result. With the base of all pizza at home, flour, conventional yeast and little else we can turn our kitchen into a ristorante. Preparing this dish will offer us the chance to enjoy a fun and entertaining activity with a happy ending. Take note of these steps to create a homemade pizza with flour and spectacular common yeast.


  • 500 gr of white flour for breads
  • 250 ml of lukewarm water
  • 2 teaspoons of salt
  • 10 gr of baking powder
  • 20 gr of olive oil

How to make a homemade pizza with flour and common yeast

  1. This recipe is very simple to cook with some tricks that will allow us to achieve an incredible result at home.
  2. We will start by sifting the flour with the help of a strainer we will put it in a bowl, this way no lumps will be made.
  3. We repeat the operation with the yeast . We sift it and add a little flour. We can use fresh yeast instead, putting a little more, about 25 grams.
  4. We heat the water without going over, it must be warm to help dissolve the yeast better. In a bowl we put the yeast with a little flour and the hot water.
  5. We mix well to form the perfect base of this pizza dough. We add the oil that will be in charge of giving that special flavor to the dough.
  6. At this point we incorporated the salt . Two teaspoons of salt is enough, we can add even less.
  7. With these ingredients ready, we only need to add the flour little by little . Carefully we put it until we get the proper texture.
  8. The pizza will be perfect when it does not stick to the hands at that moment we will have the ideal dough. Let it rest a little, about two hours in a dry and hot place.
  9. After this time we flour the work surface and we get down to work spreading the dough.
  10. The thickness of the pizza is another of its secrets . It is important to make it very fine so that the rest of the ingredients are framed in this soft and delicate base.
  11. We will only have to put the sauce and ingredients that we like the most . We can make a good quantity and freeze it, this way we will have homemade dough ready for any occasion.

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