Homemade Microwave Bread Recipe

This recipe for Homemade Microwave Bread will provide you with one of the greatest pleasures out there. Eat breakfast or snack with a freshly made bread . It may seem impossible at home, but reality sometimes surpasses fiction. With a few ingredients and minimal effort, a bakery result will be achieved. The microwave will not only serve to heat the milk, in 10 minutes it will cook you a homemade bread that will merge perfectly with a little butter or jam. Dare to try this recipe, you will be surprised by the result.


  • 250 gr of wheat flour
  • 5 gr of salt
  • 8 gr of yeast
  • 30 ml of olive oil
  • 130 ml of water

How to prepare homemade bread in the microwave

  1. This recipe for microwave homemade bread is so easy to prepare that you will want to make it every day. No extraordinary ingredients are needed to make it, they are basic that we have at home and that will give us more of a joy.
  2. You will not only save time but also money, by making bread at home. Also, avoid exposing yourself to going out every day in search of a necessary food in any home.
  3. The first step will consist of sifting the flour and placing it in the shape of a volcano to be able to mix and knead it better.
  4. We heat the water for a few seconds and dissolve the yeast in it . It must not be very hot or else it may affect the properties of the yeast.
  5. We place the yeast in the center of the flour volcano . Add the salt and olive oil. From here we begin to mix from the outside of the volcano to the inside, in this way the flour will be integrated into the rest of the ingredients.
  6. It is best to do it directly with your hands to make homemade bread you don’t have to be afraid of getting dirty. Initially we can incorporate the ingredients with a fork, but the time will come when you can only work with your hands.
  7. With all the ingredients well integrated into the dough, we shape it we can make individual rolls or a large one.
  8. We put the dough in a microwave-safe dish we make two cuts on the top and cover the dish with plastic wrap.
  9. We turn on the microwave at full power for about 4 minutes . We will check how we have a spectacular fresh bread ready. If we want it to be more toasted we can put it in for a couple of more minutes.
  10. We accompany the bread with a good coffee and a little butter or jam . We will have a homemade breakfast ready that will impress.

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