Healthy Chocolate Cake Recipe

This recipe for healthy chocolate cake is one of the essentials of Sara Carbonero. The journalist is committed to a healthy and balanced diet that she shares with her Instagram followers. During these quarantine days, he has devoted himself, as half the world, to cooking. This cake has been one of the most applause, it is healthy, chocolate and very easy to prepare. Sara knows how to combine all the ingredients, forget the sugar and search her pantry for a much healthier spelled flour to achieve a most appetizing result. Dare to try their recipe.


  • 4 eggs
  • 1 cup of spelled flour
  • Zest of 1 orange
  • Chocolate zest (85% cocoa)
  • 2 tablespoons of stevia

How to prepare the healthy chocolate cake

  1. This healthy chocolate cake looks amazing with only 5 ingredients . Nothing else is needed to achieve a healthy and delicious result.
  2. We will start with the eggs . We separate the yolks from the whites. One of the secrets to make it spongy without using yeast is to beat the egg whites well.
  3. We beat the egg whites until stiff until they are very firm. At that time we incorporate the yolks and continue beating.
  4. To flavor this delight we will use two main ingredients. A little orange zest . This citrus will give the sponge cake an unexpected flavor.
  5. We incorporate it into the eggs with enveloping movements. To give it its characteristic sweetness we will use a little stevia .
  6. Two tablespoons of stevia for biscuits is enough. If we like it sweeter we can add some more, it will give it the extra touch it will need.
  7. To give it the color and joy that every sponge cake will need, we will add grated or powdered chocolate. We will use the purest possible to make it perfect.
  8. Finally, we mix the spelled flour . A cup will be enough to get the fluff that this dessert needs.
  9. We prepare a baking dish. We spread with a little butter so that the dough does not stick or we cover it with baking paper.
  10. We pour the dough and bake it . It is better that the oven is preheated so that it is a little firmer and does not lower the dough.
  11. We bake at 180º for about 35 minutes . We check that the egg has curdled well and the cake is on point.
  12. We remove from the oven and wait until it is cold to remove it from the mold . We decorate with some fruits or a little stevia powder, we will have ready a healthy sponge cake just like the one Sara Carbonero prepares at home.

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