Half of the world's students are out of school or university due to the coronavirus pandemic

Half of the world's students cannot attend due to the coronavirus pandemic to school or university, which represents 850 million students, a figure that has doubled in four days, Unesco said on Wednesday.

According to the latest data from the United Nations Organization for the Education, Science and Culture (Unesco), which are from this Tuesday, 1 02 countries keep their education system totally closed and eleven other have imposed local closings to slow the advance of the virus.

At the beginning of the month, Unesco had already warned that more than 290 million students could not go to their centers with the closure of the face-to-face educational system in 13 countries in total and in 9 others partially.

"The scale and the speed of school and university closings represents an unprecedented challenge for the education sector "said the organization, which has made available advice for remote teaching to affected countries.

In parallel, holds periodic virtual meetings with the ministers of Education from all over the world -such as the one held remotely on March 10- to share experiences and assess priority needs.

Unesco announced the launch of a Global Coalition alongside multilateral organizations and the private sector, with companies such as Microsoft or GSMA "to help countries deploy distance learning systems in order to minimize educational disruptions and maintain social contact with students. "

For the general director of the organization, Audr hey Azoulay, the situation created by COVID-19 imposes on countries "challenges to provide uninterrupted learning to all children and young people in an equitable manner".

Azoulay considered that the crisis of the coronavirus can be "an opportunity to rethink education expand distance learning and make education systems more resilient, open and innovative".

For her part, the assistant principal General of Education of Unesco, Stefania Giannini, warned that the difficulties will be exacerbated if the situation is prolonged in time.

"Schools, however imperfect they may be, play an equalizing role in society and when inequalities are closed they become worse, "he assured, since students from disadvantaged families have fewer educational opportunities outside of school and also much s children are left without access to free or subsidized food.

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