Games to stay at home (II): Overcooked! 2, the game that tests your relationships

If you have to stay locked up at home with someone, whether family, friend or partner, nothing better than spending hours with a game so frantic that it will test that relationship

We continue the review of the best video games to play from home in a quarantine or, later, on a Friday in which we weigh the week, the knees, the years and the troubles. As we explained in the first installment , it is not about the titles we all know with an infinite online mode and a story as endless as if it had been written by Michael Ende ; They are options with which to spend time without anything other than our patience and disposition defining what -and how much- exactly a time is.

In a context of isolation it is always good to assume that it is not a personal one, but a social one. Family, partner or roommates share walls, sofa, anguish and, above all, the screen of the living room, so it is also convenient to make them participate in our leisure. Overcooked! 2 is the perfect game, because after the game we will know if these people in our lives are the people in our lives. It is – excuse the expression – like sex: although it can also be played alone, it is more enjoyed in company. Especially if the other knows what he is doing.

If Foodie love is a series that talks about personal relationships and cooking; Overcooked! 2 is a cooking game that tests personal relationships. Whether sentimental, family or friendship, this title will end the isolation with an unbreakable bond or with an irreconcilable break. But, and how well -and badly- we will have had it?

The mechanics are simple: you have to prepare food dishes. Where is the grace then? In that everything else is complex. The same goes and comes the rice that the stage goes up in flames every so often; The same is the pan on one side and the meat on the other that the dishes come out dirty and to clean them you have to cross an abyss; The same thing you ask your partner for marriage that you realize that your love broke and it was not so much to use it.

There are only three buttons to worry about: one to take (and leave) things, another to carry out the actions themselves (cut, fry, boil …) and one, much more important than it seems, to run. By putting the prepared ingredients on a plate, it is finished and can be delivered and the sooner it is done, the more points it will give; on the contrary, if we take too long the client will get tired and cancel the order, which means a penalty in the final score.

Actually Overcooked! 2 is a puzzle game camouflaged in the body of a more classic and frenetic arcade . The first levels, rather than learning the controls, serve to familiarize us with the challenges and difficulties that the game will put on us. The complicated thing will not be understanding how a hamburger is made, but knowing what each screen wants us to do to finish the dish. How long it takes us to discover will depend on our relationship.


What is it? Overcooked! 2, a game that has a puzzle part, an arcade part and a couple therapy part. It is about cooking and discovering if you are compatible with the person you live with. Even if it’s your mother.

Why should I play now? The games are fast and demanding with just the right point of frustration. The last? The last one was played 4 games ago and you still have 7 ahead. And then – finally – you will get it. And you will go to the next level. And while you are there, you will have to try it. And so it is not. And neither is it. And remove from the pan, you do not know. And I can’t take it anymore. And it gives me something. And, come on, the last one?

Where do I find it? On Steam ( 22.99 euros ), Xbox One ( 24.99 euros , although it is included in the Game Pass), PlayStation 4 (its official price is 24.99 euros , but now it is at 14.99) and Nintendo Switch ( 24 , 99 euros , although right now it is also down to 14.99).

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