Galician octopus pizza recipe

This Galician octopus pizza is a fusion of two great elaborations in one. On the one hand, an incredible homemade pizza that basic that we must make from scratch for occasions like this. Although the purchased dough can be of good quality, there is nothing better than making it all homemade. On the other hand, we will have one of the most incredible recipes that exist in our country, a Galician-style octopus . If you want to indulge in one of those whims that are not forgotten, take note of an extraordinary Galician octopus pizza recipe.


  • 200 gr of strength flour
  • 50 gr of mashed potato flakes
  • 125 ml of water
  • 15 ml of olive oil
  • 3 g of baker’s yeast
  • Salt
  • 3 tentacles of octopus already cooked
  • 2 tablespoons of fried tomato
  • Paprika from La Vera
  • Mozzarella cheese

How to prepare a Galician octopus pizza

  1. We are going to prepare this octopus dish with a different base and with just the right touch of mozzarella cheese. We get down to work with a very special pizza dough.
  2. We sift the force flour we put it in a bowl. We add the yeast mixed with the warm water so that it mixes better.
  3. We will add some mashed potato flakes to this pizza . The potato and the octopus will combine wonderfully.
  4. We add olive oil and salt to start kneading it . Little by little we will shape a pizza base that will impress.
  5. With the base ready we let it rest for an hour . While we can cook the octopus if we opt for a totally cooked preparation.
  6. We flour a work surface and roll out the dough . We will give it the shape we need to achieve the ideal result.
  7. On top of this mass we place the tomato sauce and we will spread it well before the arrival of the chopped octopus.
  8. To give it a creamy touch we will put a little mozzarella on top, thus achieving the perfect balance of flavors and textures.
  9. Bake the pizza at 180º for about 15 minutes until the cheese is melted and the dough is ready. It is important that all the ingredients are perfect.
  10. To give the Galician octopus flavor, we will distribute the paprika a la vera hot on top so that it cooks with the heat of the pizza.
  11. We will have the most original and delicious pizza that exists, we can only enjoy it with good company and an albariño.

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