Foods You Should Eat To Avoid Colds

Integrate the following elements to your diet and you can relieve the symptoms of this annoying disease, they are better than medicine!

With the arrival of the cold fulminant this week. The era of colds is declared initiated! And, so that its consequences do not affect your activities. we recommend that you eat the following foods that will defend you, without filling your body with pills.


It contains a dose of vitamin C and folic acid, which together reduce the pain of throat. The fever and even infections of the ear.
It is ideal for eating in snacks or add to your salads in winter.


Believe it or not, this herb is very powerful to strengthen the immune system. prevent diseases by a virus and soothe a cough, thanks to the properties antibacterial and antiseptic possessing.

Take your infusion every day and use it as a seasoning in your dishes.


Its regular consumption stimulates the immune response by the high levels of iron they have, in addition to maintaining body temperature, to be highly energetic.

Eat them in soup or toasted with chili, if you are starting with the cold.


It is the perfect plant for those who suffer from allergies, sinusitis or asthma since they decongest the lungs and disinfect the mucous membranes completely. You can include it in your stews or simply chop it and let its aroma do the cleaning, both options work!


They are rich in chlorophyll, antioxidants, and calcium that create a reparative and new cell- producing pump!
This effect strengthens the body and prevents the passage of bacteria, causing diseases.

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