Five applications to make group video calls

Group video calls are an alternative to maintain your social life (even if it is virtual) in these times when isolation by the coronavirus is imposed

The restrictions imposed by the Government when decreeing the state of alarm to stop the coronavirus prevent citizens from being able to go out to the street to have a beer or meet their friends. Given this limitation, many choose to maintain their social life in a virtual way through group video calls .

There are many computer programs that allow you to do this type of group video conferencing without leaving your home, providing reasonable quality audio and image.

First of all, the first thing that users who want to have a conference with more than two bands with their friends or family should do is check that the Wi-Fi connection at home works correctly . Something they can do by following these tips.

Once we have verified that our connection works normally, it is time to get in touch with our loved ones.


Most of the Spanish have WhatsApp so, a priori, it is the simplest and most comfortable choice for many. Making a group video call on Whatsapp is as simple as opening a conversation with one of your contacts and selecting the video camera icon.

Once the user has answered our call, we will have the option of adding new participants to the video conference. Up to a maximum of four.


Facebook chat allows group calls of up to 50 people. However, only six people will be able to broadcast image and audio. The remaining 44 will be able to see and hear but their faces will not be shown on the screen.

It is possible to make video calls by opening a chat with any user. Both from the Android application and the iPhone application.

In addition, Facebook allows cross calls by connecting the computer with a mobile phone.


Instagram, which is also owned by Facebook , allows group video calls of up to four people.

For this, it is necessary to enter the Direct option, that of private messages. You must create a group with the people with whom you want to participate in the video call and start the conference.

This option is only available through the official Instagram app and works for both Android and IOS.


It is one of those disgraced applications by Google that is practically abandoned. However, it allows you to make group video calls of up to 10 people.

A point in favor of this application is that it allows calls both from its mobile version and from its computer version.


Skype is the application to make video calls par excellence. The oldest and possibly the best for a situation like today. It allows group video conferences of up to 10 people. It is compatible with mobile and computer and has a very intuitive interface.

The conferences present a fairly high quality in terms of image and sound. Also, Skype, which is owned by Microsoft , allows its users to share the screen and sound of their computers. In this way, it is possible to enjoy a movie or a series in company.

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