Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning

A lot of companies today are going ‘green’ as part of their advocacy to preserve the environment – from using biodegradable materials, implementing online billing and subscription, to banning the use of any plastic materials in order to minimize the damage to the environment and to prevent accidents involving children and pets. Although you can improvise carpet cleaning products using indigenous materials that are oftentimes seen in your kitchen, these do not guarantee an optimal cleaning outcome and may be harmful to health if taken or inhaled.

Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning

Many professional cleaners are transforming their ways of overhauling carpets. They use state-of-the-art technology in boiling water up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit while submerging the carpet in it. This method efficiently removes dirt, stains, and mites and removes foul odor caused by prolonged exposure to air and other foreign materials such as soil and human perspiration.

Benefits of eco-friendly carpet cleaners

  • Helps protect the environment – Carpet cleaning companies that use natural ingredients as part of their cleaning agent helps in protecting the environment including the species living in it. When commercial ingredients are mixed with waters, for example in oceans or river basins, it combines with the natural water and then blocks oxygen that is needed by marine animals to survive. Detergents, when mixed with water, create a poisonous substance that is harmful for fish. It prevents algae from forming, thus enabling insufficient food supply for marine animals. In residential areas, the commercial cleaning agents are accidently combined with drinking water by entering into pipes causing severe health problems such as poisoning, or in a worst case scenario, depletion of the stomach caused by the reaction of the chemicals to the body.
  • Natural cleaning agents are most cost-efficient – Yes, it could be true that many companies charge more than the typical commercial detergent powder that is oftentimes used in cleaning carpets. Natural ingredients are more expensive simply because their efficacy lasts longer than the typical methodology. Also, companies use advanced technology in extracting the purest substance from natural ingredients to yield the most desired outcome. You do not need to frequently have your carpet cleaned when you use natural cleaning agents because it also acts as a disinfectant unlike synthetic products which aims to just transform the foul odor into positive ones. Natural products are absolutely cost-efficient because you are not investing on short-time convenience but rather on a long-term safe purchase.

Another eco-friendly tip in cleaning your carpet is to place it under direct sunlight if you cannot afford to hire a professional cleaner or buy a more expensive cleaning agent. For budget conscious homeowners, you can settle on bleaching your carpets and then placing it under the sun for direct disinfection. When bacteria are exposed to extreme hot or extreme cold temperatures, they stop multiplying and eventually die. However, as you continually do the same methods, the quality of your carpet may not be the same as it was before. This is because direct heat from the sun plus the commercial detergent powders can cause wear and tear of the carpet which eventually leads to the decay of the material.

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