Eat Five Foods To Avoid Inflammation

We present five wonders of nature to keep you relaxed and with a flat stomach at crucial moments.

Add them to your daily diet and marvel at the results!

1. Apples

They are the best option for hungry moments . If you want to improve its effect, soften it a few minutes by cooking it with a little cinnamon . The taste is spectacular and being slightly soft, fight inflammation better.

2. Arugula

Add them to your sandwiches and salads: they will improve their flavor and you will be consuming a food with many beneficial properties for your body .

3. Pistachios

A fist of these nuts help keep your hunger at bay. Did you know that being a fat, you can turn them into butter? Peel and presses with a little honey until you get a smooth mixture. Spread it in a pan , the perfect snack !
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4. Garlic

It is a super healthy ingredient . When you go to cook it, cut it and let it “activate” for a few minutes to take advantage of all its benefits . Add it at the end of cooking and enjoy it in your food!

5. Tomatoes

They contain lycopene, an anti-inflammatory substance that increases when you cook them . So use them to make soups or pasta sauce to make sure you take advantage of every last seed of them.

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