Easy ways to exercise in the office

For many of us, the job involves sitting more than 8 hours a day, which is a lethal threat to our figure! But all is not lost, since there are easy ways to exercise in the office (without anyone noticing) and, here we tell you!

Practice the following exercises to tone up your figure while you are at work. Most can be made sitting!

1. Harden!

Tone your abdomen and glutes, without much effort, with this exercise :

While you are sitting sending emails, keep your back straight and harden your abdomen every time you inhale, for 10 seconds.

Relax at the time of the exhalation and repeat the exercise, for 5 minutes. When doing these exercises, keep your body firm as much as possible. So you will notice the results!

For the case of the buttocks is the same, it is enough that you increase the tension of your muscles for a lapse of 10 seconds, relax and contract again.

Replay all the series you can in the day!

2. Firm legs

It is possible to prevent the sagging in the legs even when we passed hours on the job, how do you do?

When you are sitting, raise the right calf until your leg is fully stretched, then lower and raise the left leg, alternating 20 times.

As you finish, raise and lower both legs at the same time, for 15 times.

Begin by repeating the series 3 times a day and, little by little, increase the cycles. They will leave you some impact legs!

TIP: To strengthen the inner part of the thighs, place a bottle of water in the middle of the legs and harden as much as possible, as if this part were holding the full weight of the water. Do it for several times of 20 seconds in the day, to gradually tone up.

3. To move the whole body

Avoid staying at rest all day, no matter what you wake up with details that seem insignificant.

For example, if you order food at home, leave that habit aside and better, go for it walking or, if you have the opportunity to use the stairs, do not think about it anymore and use the floors that are.

Little things will make a huge difference in your figure!

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