Discover the ideal type of vinegar for each dish

Vinegar is one of the essential ingredients in any kitchen . A basic that will give the perfect finish to each of the dishes. Having a great variety of vinegar can make us hesitate. In our kitchen the most common are wine, apple or Modena, although there are many more flavors that we should not miss. Giving those drops of flavor to a salad, marinade or dressing can make a difference. The use of this element dates back to the Far East and although it was initially considered a medicinal drink, it ended up being an essential of many typical dishes. Take note of the best vinegars for each dish.

How to choose the ideal vinegar for each dish

The passion for food and the search for new ingredients has led to more and more types of vinegar in a global world. New flavors come from the east that make any salad an unprecedented pleasure. With time to taste each of its nuances, knowing them more will be an experience in every way.

  • Give the dishes an oriental touch . In the East, the most used type of vinegar is rice. There are up to 3 different varieties of this ingredient. White, one of the most intense, destined to give flavor to sushi dark with a bitter point, ideal for salads and red, with a bittersweet flavor perfect for meat and fish. A range of flavors and colors that is worth exploring a little more.  Discover the ideal type of vinegar for each dish
  • Balsamic vinegar is unrivaled . We have all dipped a piece of bread in the salad to savor this vinegar from the Modena region a little better. A striking flavor that combines sweetness and acidity make it a staple in any kitchen. We have known it in salads, it looks amazing on a piece of a cream cheese and it is worth using it to highlight those fresh and marked flavors.  Discover the ideal type of vinegar for each dish
  • The apple will bring its good feelings . Apple cider vinegar is almost medicinal. It is created from the cider, the must of that fruit, which undergoes acidification for a year until obtaining this vinegar. It is perfect to take care of ourselves a little more, it avoids or improves stomach upset in some digestions and, in addition, it is a powerful cleanser for the skin, urinary tract and blood. With meat, it will become the perfect ingredient for a pickle.  Discover the ideal type of vinegar for each dish
  • Honey vinegar is a great discovery . This type of vinegar is one of the oldest known, it is obtained through the fermentation of mead that is mixed with water and yeast. Its bittersweet flavor is ideal for intense and delicious dishes, such as a pork in sauce. A splash of this delight will give it all its good digestive properties.  Discover the ideal type of vinegar for each dish
  • Wine is part of our gastronomy . One of the most vinegars of ours is that of wine and especially that of Jerez. Appreciated in all kinds of elaborations, it is almost a national symbol. Some marinated anchovies with this delicacy or a flavorful dressing are the letters of introduction of a national product that we must always have in the kitchen.

These types of vinegar are a small sample of what we can find in a market increasingly full of good products. Exploring these flavors will give our dishes a different finish worthy of a restaurant.

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