Direct | The WHO: "The coronavirus not only kills elderly people; a significant number of young people have died"

Tedros Adhanom, WHO director-general, has recommended to countries Wednesday that ” isolate, test, isolate cases and make contacts “in order to beat the coronavirus outbreak which, he recalled, ” not only kills older people; a significant number of young people have died. “

The Congress of Deputies has hosted a historic plenary session this Wednesday with the appearance of the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez on a state decree in alarm due to coronavirus before an almost empty chamber.

The Ministry of Health has reported in its latest report that the number of infections already exceeds 13,700 and reaches 598 deaths . And of the total of hospitalized, 774 are in the ICU.

The President has detailed the mobilization of 200,000 million euros to safeguard an economic activity that has stopped “in its tracks”, in Sánchez’s words, and that will probably continue to be held for several weeks.

Therefore, the government decree published this Wednesday in the BOE prevents the suspension of basic services to vulnerable families (water, electricity, electricity and telecommunications) while the state of alarm lasts.

On March 25, Congress will debate whether to extend the state of alarm beyond its initial duration of fifteen days.

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