Deaths soar in nursing homes and there are already more than 70 deaths

“I have never seen a situation like this: we need basic resources that are scarce, such as masks or gowns, and we also need to be tested because this is untenable; There have been workers who have taken the virus home. ” Beatriz narrates the day to day life of the nursing home where she works, located in Torrejón de Ardoz . Although there have not yet been deaths caused by the coronavirus, there is already one confirmed case and two others with symptoms. “ If we continue with these precarious conditions, the situation may worsen “, assures this employee while recalling what happened in another Madrid residence called Monte Hermoso, which on Monday reported the death of 19 elderly .

The Prosecutor’s Office yesterday decided to initiate an investigation into whether criminal offenses had been committed, although that center is not the only one that has seen how several of its inmates died in recent days. In Madrid, five elderly people from between 88 and 94 years old have also died in the Virgen de la Antigua residence, in Morata de Tajuña, and another six in the call Montserrat Caballé run by Messengers of Peace and participated by Father Ángel: “Our staff is doing everything humanly possible, an almost superhuman effort,” he said in a statement in which he also requested help from the Community of Madrid, which sent him hundreds of masks as Answer.

Help requested in the same way José Luis Sampedro director of a residence in Tomelloso where 15 elderly people have died, 30 others have been isolated and quarantined 20 workers for presenting symptoms. However, against him, the Government of Castilla-La Mancha which has denied the allegations of abandonment, has decided to take legal action to clarify these deaths.

In Vitoria, in the In recent days, the number of deceased has risen to eight, all in the San Martín residence. In it, half of the users (45 out of 90) have tested positive for the coronavirus. There are also eight elderly people who have died in Barcelona: six in the Private Consorts Guash Foundation in Capellades and two in Santa Oliva de Olesa de Montserrat. On the other hand, a residence in Soria confirmed another deceased, the eleventh, and executives from Valencia and Extremadura, three and two new deaths.

To prevent these numbers from continuing to skyrocket, the Ministry of Health is already working on a protocol that reduces the risks of contagion associated with nursing homes. As recognized yesterday Fernando Simón director of the Center for Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies, coronavirus has “a greater impact” in this type of center because the elderly are a risk group that must be protected, he said, in a special way .

As that guide arrives, some communities will take other measures. This is the case of the Government of Madrid, whose inspectors will call from today to all the residences to know first-hand the situation of each one.

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