Deaths in Italy due to coronaviruses, about to exceed those of the Chinese province of Hubei

A month ago, all the foci were at the epicenter of the new coronavirus, Hubei, the central province of China. Today, things have changed and the focus is on Italy. The Italian Republic has registered in these last 24 hours 475 new deaths and the death toll rises to 2,978. For its part, the Chinese city has nearly 3,122 fatalities, a figure that is close to that in Italy.

What is worrying is that Italy has 60 million population, while China has almost 1,400 million . Although it should be noted that the Italian population has a longer life expectancy than that of the Asian country, According to the WHO, the population with the highest risk and where mortality is highest are people over 60 years of age.

Italy has reported this Wednesday of 2,978 deaths with coronavirus, having increased by 475 in the last 24 hours, according to the last balance offered at a press conference by the head of Civil Protection, Angelo Borrelli.

The number of positive cases is currently 28,710, an increase of 2,648 compared to Tuesday, while 4,025 have already been registered. With this, the number of total infections since the detection of the outbreak at the end of February is 35,713, counting positives, deaths and discharges.

This is the highest number of deaths in 24 hours since the crisis began, while 14,363 patients remain hospitalized with symptoms and 2,257 in intensive care units.

Given the possibility of harsher measures to contain the spread, Borrelli explained that it is necessary to wait a few more days to begin to see the results of the decrees already approved, such as the isolation of the population with permission to go to work or buy.

They continue Increasing infections in the Lombard province of Bergamo, the most affected by the pandemic in the country, with 4,305 cases. To alleviate the situation in this province, with dozens of doctors also affected, some doctors from China who arrived in Milan on Wednesday will join the hospitals .

They arrived at the Milan-Malpensa airport seven doctors and three technicians s and nurses who left Shanghai in the last few years and with them also 20 tons of medical supplies. Upon arrival, the Chinese experts unfolded a banner with the inscription: “Group of Chinese medical experts against the epidemic in Italy.”

During the usual press conference, the data from the latest report of the the Superior Institute of Health on victims of the coronavirus, which indicates that the average age of the patients who died was 80.5 years and that of these only 0.8% had no pathology, while the rest already suffered from other diseases.

respiratory failure was the most common complication among the deceased (97.2% of cases), then acute kidney problems (27.8% ), followed by cardiological problems (10.8%) and infections (2%).

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