De la Rosa relates when the divorce of Alonso and McLaren began in 2007: "They told him that Hamilton was faster"

In the history of Formula 1 There have been seasons with more or less tension, but undoubtedly one of those that no one will forget was that of 2007 . The year in which Kimi Räikkönen won his only title, the leading role took him McLaren for the rivalry between Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton first, and for the case of spying on Ferrari later.

The Spanish Pedro de la Rosa lived that year live, and remembers what happened in the official podcast of the competition, ‘Beyond the Grid’ . According to him, Alonso began to distance himself from McLaren at a specific moment: the Monaco GP .

“It started in Monaco where Fernando won clearly and cleanly but in the last 20 laps he started having problems cooling the calipers, which were then very hot in all the teams, and Lewis began to cut time “, he recalls of that race.

“When the race ended, everything went wrong. Someone on the team told Fernando that Lewis should have won not directly, but it was suggested. That Hamilton was faster than him. That made Fernando very angry because he could have gone two seconds per lap faster and that was the beginning of the end, “he recalls. the ex-tester of the Woking squad.

Despite the fact that everything ended much earlier than desirable, De la Rosa considers that season was memorable due to the level shown by both.

“It is a shame that everything exploded, the two together would have given McLaren many world championships, but have always respected each other on and off the circuit . They knew how good it was the other and they never did anything wrong. They always fought to the maximum and gave their all, in a fair battle. Neither of them drove the other out or broke his front wing. They were two gladiators “, assures the from Barcelona, ​​which goes further: “The Alonso-Hamilton duo is the strongest that there has been in the entire history of Formula 1, better than that of Senna and Prost”, sentence.

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