Curious Facts You Should Know About Halloween

You will be surprised to know some curious facts about one of our favorite parties of the year. Discover them! We can not deny it! Halloween is one of our favorite celebrations throughout the year, as millions of people around the world will disguise themselves, ask sweets And even see horror movies!

But how much do you know about this tradition? We list some curious facts about Halloween that will surely surprise you!


Although many people think that this celebration was born in the United States. In fact, it originated in Ireland, approximately 3000 years ago.
It comes from a Celtic festival called Samhain, which means “end of summer”.

Particular phobia

Although few know it, there are people who have an irrational fear of Halloween! This type of phobia is called “samhainophobia”.

Why do we disguise ourselves?

The ancient Celts considered that the line that separated the world from the living from the dead became shorter in Samhain, so they believed that the ghosts visited them and had to disguise themselves to go unnoticed among them and protect themselves from evil spirits.

Meaning of colors

If you have ever wondered why black and orange are related to Halloween, this is because the first color represents the darkness of night and the limit between life and death, while the second symbolizes the fall of autumn, according to the Celts.

Why the pumpkin?

The traditional pumpkin represents Jack, a man whose soul was destined to wander for eternity since he was rejected from heaven for his sins and hell for having mocked the devil.

However, the latter, gave him a lit coal that would never go out and that would accompany him forever, and he placed it inside a pumpkin.

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