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Cruciferous Vegetables And Its Incredible Benefits

Do you know what  cruciferous vegetables are ? Said in this way, you probably don’t know very well what we mean. But, the truth is that they are a group of vegetables that are very common in our diet and that share a series of benefits and common characteristics. The broccoli , cabbage or cauliflower are just a few examples of  cruciferous vegetables but there ‘s more!

In this article we are going to discover what are the benefits of cruciferous vegetables so you can see the many properties that they can offer you. A very easy and healthy way to improve your diet and enjoy more “healthy” dishes. You sign up?

What are cruciferous vegetables

When speaking of  cruciferous vegetables we are referring to a type of food that provides us with properties and benefits suitable for health. The broccoli is one of these vegetables but not the only, but the list is quite wider. Here we discover what are the cruciferous vegetables so you can start filling your pantry with them:

  • Broccoli
  • Cabbage
  • Arugula
  • Cabbage
  • Cauliflower
  • Chinese mustard
  • Radishes
  • Green vegetables ( spinach , chard, arugula , etc.)

As you can see, there is a great variety of ingredients that are known by the term ” cruciferous ” and that will provide us with very interesting benefits for the body.

To make the most of the nutrients from cruciferous vegetables, it is always recommended to take them raw or lightly toast them. You should avoid boiling them since with this cooking process a large amount of nutrients are lost.

6 benefits of cruciferous vegetables you have to know

Now that you have learned to detect what type of vegetable is known as “cruciferous” , next we will discover the benefits that cruciferous vegetables will bring to your body . Here we are going to offer you a list of all the health improvements that you can obtain thanks to the inclusion of these foods in your diet.

Improve skin and vision health

Cruciferous vegetables are a type of food very rich in vitamin A. And this nutrient manages to improve eye health , regulating vision and improving the function of the human eye. In addition, this vitamin is also ideal for improving our skin since it helps it to stay in better health and reducing the aggression of free radicals.

Improve joint and bone health

Another of the benefits of cruciferous vegetables that is worth knowing is that it is a group of foods that increase collagen production . This will make the joints more flexible and, therefore, more protected against diseases such as arthritis.  In addition, these vegetables also provide us with a large amount of calcium, so that the health of our bones will be favored and optimized.

Cruciferous vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables help lose weight

It is well known that consuming vegetables is ideal for weight loss . This is mainly based on the fact that vegetables are usually rich in nutrients, low in calories, rich in fiber and with high amounts of water. Therefore, all this combination will help us to satisfy our appetite without taking many calories or fat, as well as purify the body eliminating fluid retention .

Improve digestion

Related to the above, another of the benefits of cruciferous vegetables is that they are foods very rich in fiber . This component will help us lose weight , but also regulate intestinal transit and digestion. Fiber manages to promote digestive functions and fight against occasional constipation . The result will be a cleaner, detoxified and fully functioning body.

Lowers bad cholesterol

Fiber is also an ideal component to help us reduce the presence of cholesterol in the blood. This will allow us to enjoy much more optimal health, as well as improve the cardiovascular system . By lowering cholesterol levels , the blood supply works better and, therefore, blood pressure is also regulated .

Keeps the body young

And we finish this article on  cruciferous vegetables to talk about another of the most outstanding benefits: it protects our body. The reason is that these foods are full of antioxidants , components that combat the action of free radicals and make our body more protected against external aggressions. With this we will be able to enjoy a young, protected and strong body.

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