Cristina and Javi define themselves as "flawless" people and end their date in First dates kisses

The crush between Cristina and Javi was immediate . As soon as they saw each other in the bar of First dates this Wednesday, both made it very clear that they would have a second date … and many more .

One of the first coincidences, without their knowing it, was that both commented in their respective presentations, each separately, that considered themselves “people without defects”, and that perfection united them .

The first to arrive at the restaurant of Cuatro was Javi: “I am a sincere, happy, outgoing, passionate person … I have no flaws” admitted the pontevedrés between laughs.

In addition, he commented to Lidia Torrent that apart from “dedicating myself to the family business painting, I really like music, I play the piano and I have sang in an orchestra “, he pointed out.

I dedicate myself to singing and sewing because I am a singer and dressmaker . I really think I have no flaws, but surely that is impossible, “said the Barcelona woman in her presentation of the program.

During dinner they commented that, despite liking each other, the distance between them living in Pontevedra and Barcelona could be a problem when confirming a relationship. But the two agreed that their love for music could be stronger than the kilometers that separated them.

To end the evening, both went to the private to have dessert to sing a duet a song: “That she dedicates herself to the theme of music is something that pleases me and being compatible with it, gives me joy”, commented Javi .

“My friends have told me not to kiss anyone” Cristina admitted seconds before melting into a passionate kiss with the pontevedrés: “Since we have come …”, affirmed the singer and dressmaker.

In the final decision , the Barcelona woman acknowledged that she would have a second date with Javi because “ surely we will find some way to stay halfway or I am going to Galicia or you are coming to Barcelona”.

He also wanted to meet Cristina again, but “ one would have to look at how we are going to do to see each other because it will not be easy . You have to organize. “

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