Creamy Chocolate Cake Recipe Without Sugar Or Oven

This creamy chocolate cake without sugar or oven is one of those that melt in your mouth and you feel like eating them as soon as you see them. Feeling the fork as you go through a creamy tart is one of the best culinary experiences you can face. If, in addition, we have made this delight at home and it does not have much better sugar. We can eat half a cake without regrets, it is made with healthy ingredients that fuse to give us the best of themselves. On those days when chocolate is a necessity, take note of this sugar-free creamy chocolate cake.


  • 35 gr of almonds
  • 45 gr of hazelnuts
  • 40 gr of dates without bone
  • 10 gr of pure cocoa
  • 150 gr of avocado
  • Vanilla
  • 3 ounces of chocolate
  • 8 gr pure cocoa

How to prepare a creamy chocolate cake without sugar or oven

  1. For this cake we will use natural ingredients flavors and textures that will fuse to create a creaminess and flavor never seen before. A cake that will stand out and give us the best of itself in a single tablespoon.
  2. We prepare a base that we can place in the bottom or if we dare we can use it in several layers of the cake. It has the right sweetness point for a sweet in which chocolate is the main protagonist.
  3. We put the dates to soak so that they hydrate a little. After about 20 minutes, we put this fruit in the mixer glass.
  4. Crush and add the almonds and hazelnuts . The nuts will give a little texture to which we will give color with the pure cocoa.
  5. This dough will be the base of our pure chocolate cake. We place it in the bottom of the mold it should be very compact.
  6. We continue with the avocados with one or two avocados, depending on the size it will be enough. We break them in half, bone and place in a bowl.
  7. We crush until we have a cream that we will flavor with the vanilla. To give it the necessary chocolate flavor, we melted a few ounces of chocolate.
  8. If necessary we can add a fourth ounce of chocolate we melt them in the microwave and mix with the avocado directly.
  9. We place the filling on top of the base and sprinkle with a little cocoa powder. We will have ready the most delicious healthy chocolate cake that exists, we leave it in the fridge so that it takes a little consistency until it is time to serve it.

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