Coronavirus: how you can disinfect your phone

Washing your hands may not be enough to stop the spread of coronavirus if we touch the phone before doing so. This is what you can do to disinfect it

Among the recommendations to avoid the spread of the coronavirus , two of the simplest and most effective are always repeated: wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your face . However, many people wonder what happens to the phone, which spends a lot of time near the mouth. Although it should not be a problem as long as we carry it in our pocket and only touch it with clean hands, it is possible to disinfect the mobile .

The first thing, logically, is to wash and use clean containers. Next, we will need two rags or, preferably, chamois, soap and water and a bowl to mix these last two. The ratio should be approximately two parts water to one part liquid soap. Let’s do it.

It is important that during the whole process the phone is turned off , because, although it should not get wet, it will always respond better to it if it is not working. Likewise, the cover must be removed, if it has one (it can be washed following the same process). Soap water must be applied with one of the rags moistened in it – not soaked -, carefully and without exerting too much pressure.

Exposed areas, such as the headphone jack or charger, can be cleaned with a cotton-tipped swab dipped in the mix. In this case it is even more important that it is not soaked , as we should prevent water drops from entering.

Once the washing is finished, we will proceed to dry the device with the other cloth, also without exerting pressure, as it could scratch the screen.


So far, what needs to be done to disinfect the mobile. But you also have to remember a number of things that it is better not to do if we want to keep the phone. And the easiest way to lose it forever is to be tempted to give it a ‘bath’: however submersible it may be, the companies’ tests are not done with soapy water, so nothing to put it in the bowl.

In this sense, although it is true that alcohol would be more effective for total disinfection, it is also not convenient for the mixture to contain it, because it can be very harmful to the device and manufacturers do not recommend it . Those who do not resist using it should dilute it a lot. Using disinfecting gel is also not a good idea and bleach should never be used.

Anyone who has thought about drying the phone with the proverbial bowl of rice is not misled, although it will not be necessary. If this technique is used to save mobiles, it is because the grains absorb moisture and this accelerates the process, which in no case should be carried out with a dryer or the like, since there is a risk of destroying the components.

Lastly, chamois are chosen over kitchen paper because it is much more difficult for them to leave residues that can enter through any hole in the phone and end up affecting its operation.

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