Confinement Recipes: Puff Pastry Rolls with Cola Cao

Staying busy is essential these days, and cooking can be a great source of joy for the whole family. These puff pastry rolls with Cola Cao look like the classic cinnamon rolls but they have a flavor marked by that essential ingredient in breakfasts and snacks. The Cola Cao is a food that cannot be missing in every family home with children, but it is something that the elderly can also enjoy. We will all get down to work to create the perfect rolls for an unforgettable coffee, tea or snack.


  • 1 sheet of puff pastry
  • Cola cao
  • Butter
  • sugar
  • 1 egg

How to prepare puff pastry rolls with Cola Cao

  1. This recipe in addition to being simple is vice . These love handles can brighten us up more than a sad afternoon and will keep everyone busy. Relaxing with a book or a series after eating is an indescribable pleasure with something sweet with an impressive flavor.
  2. We prepare a floured surface . We extend the puff pastry sheet. If confined without that ingredient there are alternatives, a pizza dough may be an option. We will simply add more sugar.
  3. If we don’t have any pizza dough, sliced ​​bread is also a good option . We place the pieces of sliced ​​bread without crust next to each other, with the kitchen roller we join the different pieces by pressing.
  4. In any case, will leave us with an ideal sweet, confinement will make us savor even more the effort dedicated to this very special task.
  5. With the puff pastry, pizza or bimbo bread spread we melt the butter in the microwave. This ingredient will give flavor to the dough and will also fuse Cola Cao with sugar.
  6. We paint the entire surface of the dough with the butter . It must be perfectly covered with this ingredient so that the rest of the flavors adhere perfectly.
  7. We continue with the star ingredient, Cola Cao. It can be a product that does not have a brand or is a different one, the important thing is that it is chocolate. Cola Cao is a basic that will take us to a long-awaited childhood, it is really worth putting it in these rolls.
  8. Finally, we add sugar . The quantity that we consider. In the case of diet, we can add sweetener or, simply we do not want sugar in our confinement, we will substitute it.
  9. We roll up the dough and cut it into pieces of the same size . We put them in a source to save money. We paint with the beaten egg on top. We can add chocolate chips or hazelnuts, it will be fine.

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