Confinement recipes: Potato omelette with chorizo ​​and tomato

Surviving confinement by enjoying food is possible with a recipe as authentic as this potato omelette with chorizo ​​and tomato . If there is something we can learn during these days it is how to make tortillas . The daily rush makes making a potato omelette a difficult task. It takes patience so that each of the ingredients is perfectly cooked and integrated in a classic fusion. Eggs are an indispensable that with potatoes form a winning duo, we will give them strength and color with chorizo ​​ and tomato.


  • 8 eggs
  • 4 potatoes
  • 1 chorizo ​​
  • ½ red pepper
  • 2 tomatoes
  • 1 onion
  • Salt
  • Olive oil

How to prepare a potato omelette with chorizo ​​and tomato

  1. The greatness of a good omelette is related to the raw material. For this omelette we can use the type of chorizo ​​that we like the most . A little spice won’t hurt us for these days of confinement.
  2. Enjoying the combination of the chorizo ​​with the potatoes and the eggs will be a way to remember those potatoes on the plate we have in mind. With all the calm in the world we get down to business with the potatoes.
  3. This ingredient will be one of the protagonists for which it must be in perfect condition. We peel and cut into pieces of the same size to cook at the same time.
  4. We will give you the flavor that this recipe needs with the chorizo ​​. We cut the chorizo ​​that we like the most and chop it up . We fry with a little oil so that it begins to give flavor to the recipe. We remove the chorizo ​​when it begins to brown.
  5. We continue with the onion this ingredient is optional. Peel and cut the onion as thin as possible. We poach the onion in the same oil that we have cooked the chorizo.
  6. The pepper will give it a very pleasant flavor . We remove the seeds and chop it. We will ensure that we have a base full of color.
  7. Add the peppers and let them cook for a few minutes. After about 4 minutes, add the potatoes . If we need more oil we add it.
  8. At this point season with salt and pepper to taste and let the potatoes cook. The secret of a good omelette is to let them cook.
  9. Tomatoes will arrive in this mixture the moment the potato is tender. They will provide their characteristic water and color. We incorporate them with the chorizo.
  10. The turn of the egg arrives . We beat the eggs and season them. We put them in the pan waiting for them to set.
  11. We turn the tortilla carefully and we hope it will finish on the other side. It is a few minutes that should be key to achieve the key cooking point for the egg. More humid or less, this omelette will help us to pass the quarantine much better.

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