Confinement Recipes: Melon Sushi with Iberian Ham

This confinement recipe for Melon Sushi with Iberian Ham mixes the best of the East and West. Savoring a unique combination of flavors and ingredients involves merging various recipes. This confinement offers us an opportunity to experiment with food, it is time to give it a greater role, to experiment and to enjoy. A classic like melon with ham will have a good traveling companion, a sushi rice that we can use in countless recipes. If you want to enjoy a simple preparation and an impressive flavor, take note of this sushi.


  • 4 slices of Iberian ham
  • 1 slice of melon
  • 1 cup of rice
  • 2 cups of water
  • Vinegar to dress the rice

How to prepare melon sushi with Iberian ham

  1. Preparing a good rice is the base of any oriental dish. The sushi is usually seasoned with vinegar to give it that unique flavor they possess.
  2. We will use a quality rice that matches the other ingredients in the recipe. We are going to wash it a little earlier so that usually has part of its starch and we are left with a much lighter rice.
  3. As if it were a paella, we put a part of rice, for two of water . Ideally, the rice should absorb all the water and be perfect.
  4. When we have the rice ready we drain it and let it marinate with a little vinegar. Sushi rice is not overcooked or overcooked, the point of the rice is essential.
  5. We prepare a sushi mat . We spread the mat. For traditional sushi we would put a sheet of nori seaweed, in this case the ham will be the protagonist.
  6. A good Iberico ham will be the one that makes the difference of this easy to prepare delicacy. We spread it well on the mat.
  7. When it is ready we place the rice on top . We will distribute it well until it is perfectly covered.
  8. We will lack the star ingredient, the melon . We peel a piece of melon and cut it into sticks of the same size.
  9. We place the sticks on top of the rice . Well distributed, on the one hand, since we will have to roll up the mat.
  10. We roll up the mat and make a roll as compact as possible. With a knife we ​​cut until we have ready some melon makis with ham, perfect for any appetizer or special dinner.
  11. We can serve this delight with some dumplings and create the ideal dinner or snack food for these days of confinement. We will only have to try them.

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