Water Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Making a water chocolate mousse is one of the great discoveries of this century. Only with two ingredients, water and chocolate can an impressive dessert be created. It looks like magic, but it is the result of an elaboration that will make a difference. If you have a chocolate tablet and want to turn it into something else, a dessert that seduces with the first spoonful. That infinite pleasure when the foamy chocolate reaches the mouth and melts, will be possible in our kitchen, with a few minutes of work and a good technique. Dare to try this culinary wonder.


  • 125 gr of chocolate
  • 125 ml of water

How to Prepare a Water Chocolate Mousse Recipe

  1. This magic dessert has only two ingredients that we must put in the same quantities in order to succeed. We will use the chocolate that we like the most, we can give it a more or less sweet air, pure cocoa may be the lightest and healthiest option.
  2. We get down to business with the chocolate that will need a lot of love. Chop it and put in a bowl in a bain-marie. We can melt it in the microwave, but with great care that it does not burn.
  3. We remove the chocolate on the fire until we have a delicious sauce that will be the bottom of this chocolate mousse. While we have it on fire, we prepare the next important step in the recipe,
  4. A large bowl of water, ice cubes, and salt . We will do a kind of bain-marie like the one we have given you so far, but cold. This is the great secret of this wonder of dessert, the contrasts of temperature.
  5. We put the water in the chocolate that we have in the game. We mix carefully until it is perfectly integrated and gives the chocolate a little less density.
  6. We pass the chocolate and water to the other cold water bath . We put the bowl directly into the ice and water that we have ready.
  7. In that position the bowl of chocolate will start to cool down rapidly . To make it look the way we want, we begin to beat it with the electric rods.
  8. In this way the consistency that the chocolate mixed with the water will acquire will be a mousse incorporating air into these two ingredients.
  9. When we have the right texture, we put the mousse in individual glasses. We leave this delight in the fridge and serve it cold with a little cream on top or directly we allow ourselves the luxury of a homemade chocolate mousse easy to prepare and delicious.

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