China records its first day without local coronavirus infections

China did not register any new local contagion by the SARS-CoV coronavirus -2 during Wednesday, the first time that this circumstance has given since the start of the outbreak, the country’s health authorities reported this Thursday.

The National Health Commission noted that , until last midnight local time (16.00 GMT Wednesday), there was no local contagion in the whole Chinese territory: the 34 cases that were diagnosed in that period were entirely of the so-called ” imported “, travelers from other outbreaks of the pandemic.

This figure represents a upturn in” imported “cases, which were 12 of the previous 13 new infections that were detected throughout the country.

The 34 “imported” cases were recorded in Beijing (21), Canton (southeast, 9), Shanghai (east, 2), Heilongjiang (northeast, 1), and Zhejiang (east, 1).

Likewise, the Chinese health authorities indicated that there had been registered 8 new deaths from the resulting COVID-19 pneumonia, all of them certified in the province of Hubei, in the center-east of the country and epicenter of the outbreak.

These data place the total number of deaths at 3,245 among the 80,928 infected diagnosed since the start of the pandemic, of whom 70,420 responded positively to treatment and were discharged.

Thus, the number of “active” infections in China is 7,263, of which 2,314 are in serious condition (2,222 of them in Wuhan capital of Hubei and birthplace of the virus).

It has also been rea Following medical follow-up to 683,281 close contacts with the infected, of which 9,144 are still under observation, and of them, 105 would be suspected cases of having been infected with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

Until this Thursday, when the 34 contagions were reported, both the number of these and the number of deaths had remained equal to or below the 21 daily since last day 11, always according to official statistics.

A The day after, on March 12, the Chinese government declared that the peak of broadcasts had come to an end in its country.

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