Chiapella plays it in & # 039; Planeta Calleja & # 039; to remove a plastic from the mouth of a whale shark: "This makes him dust"

Planeta Calleja closed its season this Wednesday with the trip of Jesús Calleja with Pablo Chiapella (actor of La que se avecina and presenter of ] The rascal ) to Mexico, where he took him to swim with whale sharks.

“I assure you that it will change your face with what you are going to see “Calleja announced to his traveling companion, who asked him: ” Are you going to undress? “.

The adventurer said no while He asked if he knew what a whale shark was. The actor replied that “what on earth is liger, a mix between tiger and lion” .

Calleja clarified that “the whale shark is actually a fish, perhaps the largest in the world. It can weigh up to 20 tons and measure 18 meters long “.

Both embarked towards the open sea to try to record this animal, but they had to try several times as it easily slips away despite its size. In one of those attempts, Calleja suffered a mishap .

“A trip hit me, my ankle was ‘sprained'”, said the adventurer after Chiapella fell on him: ” He did not want to see whale sharks, as he has seen two “the interpreter pointed out with a laugh.

They finally managed to see them, and the actor did not hesitate to affirm that” just when I fell he opened his mouth and I have seen him from the front. It has been the most beast that I have seen in a live animal, face to face “, he stated. And he added: “How happy I am!”

In another of the dives, Chiapella reached in time a piece of plastic that one of the whale sharks was going to eat. When he came out of the water, he pointed out that “I have removed this from his mouth. It seems nothing, but he has to powder one plastic after another” .

Calleja explained that “this stays inside and gets stuck in the intestines and the animals die” . He broke it into pieces and stated that “these are microplastics and there are millions of tons by sea.” To raise awareness among viewers, Calleja concluded by saying: “We have to take plastic seriously and everything starts at home, recycling” .

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