Carrot Pesto Recipe

The recipe for carrot pesto will offer us a delicious and healthy sauce ready in the blink of an eye. The carrot is one of the foods that best suits our skin and eyes. These two elements can be affected if we are long without leaving home. To complete the pasta and give our body an essential ingredient, nothing better than a recipe like this. The pesto  is a classic that thanks to the carrot will take on a new life, full of color and good feelings. If you want to take care of yourself and enjoy yourself, take note of this extraordinary sauce.


  • 350 gr of carrot
  • 1 dl i ½ of water
  • 1 dl of orange
  • 40 gr of pine nuts
  • 1 dl of olive oil
  • 40 gr of Parmesan cheese
  • Salt
  • Pepper

How to prepare a carrot pesto

  1. This recipe requires a minimum preparation and some natural ingredients that should be as fresh as possible. The quality of this base will mark the destiny of this sauce.
  2. We put to work with the pine nuts so that they offer us all their flavor, we toast them in the pan with nothing. We do not add fat, only the pine nuts.
  3. When they are golden brown we let them cool they will not need anything else to be the base of a homemade carrot flavored pesto.
  4. We continue with the carrots . We peel this ingredient and grate it. We can grind them if we want them to be less noticeable in the sauce, although a little joy never hurts.
  5. For this recipe we will need a little orange juice . It is best to use a fresh product, although it will be just as good with a juice processed with little sugar.
  6. We heat the juice . In this base we will cook the carrots until they are tender, it is important not to neglect this ingredient.
  7. When we have the carrots ready we will go on to make the pesto . Add the pine nuts and stir.
  8. We go to the mixer glass. We crush everything and add the olive oil little by little. We will get a uniform paste.
  9. If necessary we will add a little more water in this way the sauce will be softer. Add the Parmesan to taste.
  10. With everything ready only we will have to prepare the pasta . For a pesto, the best thing is a few spaghetti. It is the ideal complement.
  11. We cook them and put our carrot pesto on top. We can add more cheese on top. Also will be perfect with some toast and a light gratin, we will have a perfect base ready to start any meal.

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