Burns and skin damage

Burns and skin damage

About consumers and incineration

Consumption and burns are skin caused by heat. They are both treated equally.

For example, consumption is caused by dry heat – such as iron or fire. Combustion is caused by some moisture, such as boiling water or steam.

Consumption can be very high and can lead to:

red or striped skin



white or burnt skin

Measuring the pain you experience is not always as true as that consumption. In fact, even big spending can be grueling.

Treatment also includes burns

Contact your doctor to manage your intake:

quickly remove the person from the heat source to stop consuming it

cool the inflammation with cold or hot running water for 20 minutes – do not use ice, frozen water or creams or oily substances, such as margarine

Remove clothing or jewelry near the area you are using, including diapers – but do not move the skin

Make sure the person is warming up – for example, using a lid, but still be careful not to rub it over the area consumed

spread spending with a movie on it with a stick – the perfect plastic bag can also be used for consumption on hand

Use painkillers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen to treat the disease

If your face or eyes are burnt, you can sit for as long as you want to rest – it reduces it

When to apply to consider restoration

Depending on how genuine the consumer is, you can handle it at home. For low cost, consume clean power and do not scatter any variants of this structure.

Increasing true consumption requires a thorough recovery. You should contact the Clinic for Research and Research Department:

all consumption and electrical consumption

large or deep consumption – any consumption that exceeds your hand

For this reason, it uses white or simple skin of all sizes

consumes in the face, hands, arms, feet, legs or private parts that cause the grade

In case of smoke or smoke, they should seek medical treatment as well. Several features may be delayed and may include:


irritated throat

problems with relaxation

The face consumes

People who are more exposed to the exposure, such as children under the age of five and pregnant women, should also receive improvement after swallowing or baking.

The size and depth of consumption will be evaluated and the damaged area cleaned prior to application of dressing. In extreme cases, a skin rejuvenation procedure may be suggested.

Types of consumption

Consumption is estimated based on skin damage and on which layers of skin. Your skin has three layers:

epidermis – outer layer of skin

The dermis is a layer of tissue just below it that contains blood vessels, nerve endings, sweat organs and hair follicles

subcutaneous adipose tissue or subcutaneous orifice – a deeper layer of fat and tissue

There are four main types of consumption that will usually have a variable appearance and variable manifestations:

low epidermal consumption – where the epidermis is damaged; Your skin will be red, slightly swollen and expressive but not yet ranked

low skin consumption – where the epidermis and part of the dermis are damaged; Your skin will be pale pink and scaly, and the act may be small

Consume deep skin or half the thickness – where the epidermis and dermis are damaged: this type of intake makes your skin red and dull; Your skin may be dry or wet, swollen and swollen, and may be flaky or light

consume full thickness – where each of the three layers of skin (epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue) is damaged; The skin is regularly consumed with intense heat, and the substance below it may appear pale or darker, while the rest of the skin will be dry and white, darker or darker without a mast, and the surface of the skin may also be thawed or waxed.

Prediction consumes and sings

Many extreme consumption and burns affect infants and young children. Examples of things you can do to help reduce the likelihood of your child experiencing an inconvenience at home include:

Keep your baby out of the kitchen wherever you think

Check the water temperature in the shower with your elbow before putting your baby or baby in the shower

Keeping matches, lighters and candles without looking at young children

keep warm drinks away from young people.

Treatment also includes burns

To treat each intake or combustion, you need to use the appropriate emergency treatment for as long as time permits. This will limit the extent of damage to your skin.

Using related strategies, you can help yourself or someone you sing to.

First Aid for Consumption

Stop consuming as fast as time permits. This can mean expelling a person from the region, submerging them in water or covering them with a fire blanket. Try not to hurt yourself and sing.

Remove clothing or jewelry that is close to your skin consumption, including infant diapers. However, do not attempt to evacuate the skin in contact with it as it may cause more damage.

Cool the ignition with cold or warm running water for 20 minutes, as soon as possible after damage. Never use ice, frozen water or creams or ointments, such as margarine.

Keep yourself or the person warm. Use a blanket or layer of clothing, but avoid use in damaged areas. Keeping warm will prevent overcooling if the person’s internal heat level drops below 35 ° C. This is a danger if you cool a large area for consumption, especially for young and old people.

Break the inflammation with a stick. Place the magic wand over the consumption layer, not over it. A flawless transparent plastic bag can be used for manual consumption.

Treat fire pain with paracetamol or ibuprofen. Always review the manufacturer’s instructions when using an over-the-counter medicine. Children under the age of 16 should not receive headache medication.

Sit with your eyes as much as you can reasonably expect if your face or eyes are burnt. Refrain from resting for as long as you can imagine, as it will wane as it spreads.

When to go to the ambulance

Once you have achieved these steps, you must choose whether further therapeutic treatment is important. Head to the Crisis and Crisis Medical Clinic (A&E) for:

large or deep consumption – per person multiple persons

uses any size that causes white or simple skin

consumes in the face, hands, arms, feet, legs or private parts that cause the grade

all beat and electrical consumption

In addition, you can get recovery assistance right away if the person consuming:

have different wounds that need healing

it becomes unbelievable – signs include cold moist skin, sweat, fast, shallow breaths, lack or dizziness


over 60 years old

younger after five

have a disease such as heart, lung, liver or diabetes

have a depleted non-invasive structure (body frame for resilience) – for example, in the light of HIV or AIDS, or on the basis that they receive chemotherapy for malignant growth

If you smoke or smoke, you should also consult a doctor. Several side effects may delay and may include:


irritated throat

problems with relaxation

burnt nose hair

The face consumes

Electricity user

Electricity may not look real, but it can be harmful. Someone with electrical consumption should quickly seek therapeutic treatment in the production and consumption office.

If a person has harmed a low-voltage source (up to 220-240 volts, such as a domestic power source), you must safely disconnect the power source or remove it from an electrical source using non-DC materials, such as a needle pull or wooden seat.

Avoid moving toward a person connected to a high voltage source (1000 volts or more).

The substance consumes

Consumption of the substance can be detrimental and requires rapid recovery in the research and absorption department. In case of accident, find out what the beating caused the copy and tell A&E Social Security experts.

If you happen to be helping another person, wear protective clothing and then:

remove worn clothing from face

with the occasional bar for the soup to dry, use it on their skin

Use running water to evacuate traces of the substance from the area consumed

Burn from the sun

In the case of sunburn, follow the instructions below:

If you notice any signs of tanning, such as swelling, redness and screaming on your skin, move to a shade or ideally inside.

Clean or rinse the shower to cool the skin.

Apply a moisturizer to the affected area to saturate, cool and remove. Avoid using greasy or greasy objects.

If it does not hurt, paracetamol or ibuprofen should help calm it down. Continually read the manufacturer’s instructions and do not offer headache medicines to those under 16 years of age.

Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

Look for signs of hot fatigue or heat stroke as your temperature rises to 37-40C (98.6-104F) or higher. Manifestations include instability, rapid heartbeat or lethargy.

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