Benefits Of The Guava Leaf What Is It For?

When you say guava, probably the first thing that comes to mind is that delicious fruit, however, the leaves of the guava tree have given much more to talk about. Do you want to know what are the benefits of the guava leaf and its use? Let’s continue!

The Guava Leaf

The Guava is a small tropical fruit found in America, its leaves are oval 5 to 15 centimeters long. Its fruit is round, pink, with many seeds and of course with a delicious and characteristic smell.

On the other hand, guava leaves have medicinal properties and offer health benefits. The benefits of the guava leaf begin with being antioxidants and rich in carotenoids, flavonoids and polyphenols.

Benefits of The Guava Leaf

The benefits of guava leaf are very varied, from weight loss to improvements in the skin, however here are the details.


Guava leaf tea does not transform complex carbohydrates into sugar, that is, it does not cause hunger. In turn it helps to reduce blood glucose levels without increasing insulin. For this reason, is indicated for patients suffering from diabetes. It is known to help reduce bad cholesterol without adversely affecting good cholesterol.

Digestive Functions

Among the benefits of the guava leaf is that it has antimicrobial properties, for this reason, it is indicated to consume them in case of diarrhea or any stomach upset. It stimulates the production of enzymes which facilitates digestion in general in the same way that effectively combats constipation.

Its compounds have natural antibiotic properties that kill the pathogens that cause diarrhea, as a result of these assumptions several studies were made that showed improvements but is still not fully confirmed.

Cardiovascular Functions

Benefit the heart and the circulatory system is one of the benefits of the most outstanding guava leaf. Its effects reduce blood pressure and heart rate, in addition to improving the concentration of lipids in the blood.

Improve The View

One of its main properties is that it contains vitamin A, this vitamin is the most indicated to improve vision. Consistent consumption without excess can help reduce the possibility of macular degeneration and cataracts.

Against Diseases

It is recommended for people with bronchitis and cough to drink guava tea, as well as those with inflamed dental gums and oral ulcers. Guava leaves contain natural chemical compounds such as vitamin C which is indicated to treat cancer in the same way that it has antioxidants. Dengue is another disease that is counteracted by the benefits of the guava leaf.

Benefits of the guava leaf for the exterior

The guava leaf has benefits on the skin (issues of beauty and diseases) and hair. First and foremost is the healing of wounds and infections through these crushed leaves. Then it is also used for blackheads and acne in the same way (crushed and applied in the necessary place) .

How to prepare the guava leaf?

We can find guava leaves in various presentations, be it in bulk, tea bags or extracts. Another way and the simplest (for those who have a tree nearby) is to find fresh leaves of guava.

Whatever the presentation you have some ways to prepare it: tea can do so by soaking the leaves in hot water for 5 or 10 minutes. For a topical use, its preparation is simpler, you must crush the leaves and add them to boiling water, later it will turn brown and it will look concentrated, that is when you will know that it is ready to apply.

There are many benefits that can be obtained from something as simple as the leaf of a tree, in the same way, that it is easy to use pills for your diseases can be using natural resources. why do not you try it?

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