Baked Waffle Recipe

This recipe for baked waffles is one of those basics that we cannot miss. The waffles are a basic for any snack or breakfast that can be very versatile. We can give them a sweet or salty touch, with chocolate fruit, honey or completely change its flavor with cheese and bacon. This dough is one of the simplest that exists, egg, milk, flour and little else achieve a result that will be a pleasure in every way. If you want to enjoy the compact texture and flavor of baked waffles, take note of these steps.


  • 1 egg
  • 100 gr of butter
  • 250 gr of flour
  • 400 ml of milk
  • 2 tablespoons of sugar
  • 2 tablespoons of yeast
  • Red fruits
  • Chocolate
  • Nuts

How to make baked waffles

  1. This recipe for baked waffles can be prepared without a waffle iron with a mold or a little imagination, we can enjoy this marvelous easy to prepare.
  2. We get down to work lighting the oven. We set it to 180º so that you are ready to receive these incredible homemade waffles.
  3. We continue with the ingredients, beat the butter which we will have at room temperature, with the egg.
  4. When we have these two ingredients well integrated we add the sugar . If we want to make them salty we skip this step.
  5. We can make them lighter with integral ingredients substitute the sugar for honey, stevia or any natural sweetener.
  6. Next, we add the milk . In this case, we can also give it a lighter air using a vegetable drink. They look amazing with almond or rice milk.
  7. Milk will help unify this liquid mass that will be ready to receive solid ingredients. When the sugar has dissolved, we continue with the flour .
  8. We sift flour and yeast . We add it to the dough little by little until we have a perfect waffle dough.
  9. We grease a waffle iron if we don’t have it we can put the dough in a conventional mold and make the holes. The flavor will be the same.
  10. Bake at 180º for about 8 minutes . After this time, we will turn the waffle and bake it again for 5 minutes.
  11. While we have the waffle in the oven we can prepare the accessories. Melt a little chocolate in the microwave with butter. Whip a little cream or chop some nuts to add them with honey .
  12. It will go very well with red fruits, it is a time of raspberries or strawberries. When the waffle is ready we decorate it and enjoy this impressive snack.

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