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There is no doubt that video games today are truly very complex engineering works, developed by multidisciplinary teams made up of dozens of fully focused people in being able to grant these games the greatest realism and truthfulness possible in the action that it develops, in addition to a good story, good characters and an original environment in which to play. For all this, they have a budget that is several million times, with which most of the time they create really impressive titles in terms of gameplay and graphics.

But despite all this Realism and possibilities, many users, tired of so much spectacularity and thirsty to try other things, wanted to go back to basics, creating a kind of game culture called “Retrogaming”, which, as its name indicates, claims those gems of video games of the 70s and 80s, today become true classics.

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But unfortunately the consoles In which these titles could be played at present, they are almost not available, or the few that remain are sold at really ridiculous prices, which makes it difficult for a user with a limited budget to d Enjoy the games that made history.

However, if we want to enter the world of retrogaming and be able to enjoy video games from the 70s and 80s, we can still do it thanks to an emulator which basically are applications that allow us to enjoy those mythical consoles and their games directly on our computer.

In this post we are going to find the best emulator for retrogaming both for the PC and for any Android tablet or cell phone. In addition we will find all the available ways to emulate Android and other operating systems with little effort and work.

First part: Emulator for PC

A emulator to play on the PC is the ideal alternative for when we do not have real consoles, either because they are too old or because we do not have the budget to be able to acquire them. An emulator to play allows us to have all the features and options of the original game, so we can play it in the same way as if we were doing it on the console, except that we will be playing it on the comfort of the computer.

Currently there are several emulator apps for most consoles on the market, however, we can find that some are much better than the others, due to the fact that certain types of emulator are more stable and have no problems with the titles when playing them. This is because its developers take their work very seriously, updating and correcting the code every time their users encounter a problem.

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Others instead, taking advantage of the boom in game emulators, don’t take the job with the due seriousness, developing an application that doesn’t work well only to obtain benefits in a short period of time.

That is why from this point on we will show you the best emulator applications for console games for the computer so that you have to waste time and effort in the search and selection.

PSP emulator

The PSP (PlayStation Portable) console is a portable Sony gaming device that was in its moment one of the most sold in the world. To emulate the games that could be played on the PSP we can install a game emulator called PPSSPP, which according to its users is one of the best available, and which also has a series of features and options that they make it very interesting, such as being available to download and install on Android, iOS, Linux and Windows.

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It should be noted that this PSP emulator for PC is offered in two versions, one paid and the other free, however the only difference between the two versions of the emulator is that the first one gives us the possibility to help its creators monetarily.

If you want to install this PSP emulator for PC you can do it by clicking on this link.

Other well-known PSP console emulator for PC, [1 9459003] but this time based on Java, it is JPCSP an emulator similar in characteristics and operation to PPSSPP, and by means of which the highest possible performance is possible for dual-core processors, that translates into greater speed when playing . It should be noted that in order to play correctly with this emulator we must have Java installed, in its version corresponding to 32 or 64 bits.

 emulators-pc- (4)

It also offers support for more than 100 games, so it’s worth a try. If you wish, you can do it by clicking on this link.

Nintendo Emulator

For all those fans of the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) who want to enjoy their most emblematic games like Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros, Final Fantasy or Mega Man, can install this Nintendo NES emulator on their computer.

This is FCEUX, an evolution of the FCE Ultra emulator, which is an open source NES for PC emulator for the 8-bit Nintendo with all the features and options of the original console, and which in addition is compatible with the most extended ROM formats for the platform such as NES, NFS, FDS and UNF. It also has the possibility of playing through a LAN or over the Internet.

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It should be noted that it is also possible playing with ROMs compressed in RAR, ZIP and 7z, also offers the possibility of recording games in AVI and WAV.

If you want, you can download this NES emulator For PC by clicking on this link .

Another PC console emulator, but this time from SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) is SNES9X with which we can play mythical games from the 90s such as Super Metroid, Donkey Kong Country or Chrono Trigger.

Through SNES9X we can save and stop games, adjust graphic options such as smoothing and filters, customize the outline of te clas and many more options to fully enjoy classic games. It should be noted that it allows you to play with other players through the Internet.

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If you want, you can download this emulator SNES by clicking on this link.

Classic of classics, the Nintendo 64 is one of the consoles most remembered by users, due to its great titles and how well it could be to play with her. If you want to go back to enjoy those titles that made history like GoldenEye 007 or Super Smash Brothers, you can do it again by downloading and installing Project64, a fantastic emulator for Nintendo 64 for computer that offers us a gameplay similar to the one it had the original console, with many of its features and options.

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If you want download this Nintendo 64 emulator for PC, you can do it by pressing on this link.

GameBoy and GameBoy Advance Emulator

Probably Visual Boy Advance is one of the most interesting GameBoy emulator apps and GameboyAdvance systems on the market, mainly due to its filters and features, and although a good video card is required to give the best performance possible graphics, the truth is that playing titles like Batman Begins, Advance Wars or Dragon Ball Z in this emulator is really satisfactory, due to its fluid execution and the quality of its graphics.

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If you want, you can try playing with this GameBoy emulator for computers by clicking on this link.

Nintendo 3DS Emulator

If we want to play Nintendo 3DS titles like Zelda: Tri Force Heroes, Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden, Pokémon Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire, Pokémon X / Y, Super Smash Bros, Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate and many more on the computer, so the Nintendo 3DS emulator for Citra computer is the Ideal alternative for us.

Citra is a Nintendo 3DS emulator for For the open source PC that allows us to play most of the games for Nintendo 3DS directly on the computer in a fluid way, now that all the errors it had have been corrected, thus offering an experience gameplay more than satisfactory, thanks in part to its improved audio and graphics engines.

 emulators-pc- (9)

If you want, you can Download this Nintendo 3DS emulator for PC by clicking on this link.

Nintendo GameCube and Wii

The last two consoles produced by Nintendo, the GameCube, already discontinued, and the Wii, still in production, are undisputed bestsellers, and the games we can play on these consoles are in the hundreds, all of them of a quality really excellent.

In the case of that we do not own either of the two Nintendo consoles, we can always use the services of a GameCube or Wii emulator for a computer, and thus be able to take advantage of games such as Resident Evil, Super Smash Bros Melee, Explosive Megamix, 18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker, 1942, FIFA World Cup South Africa or Mario Kart, among many other excellent titles.

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In this sense, one of the applications that is emerging as the best game emulator for GameCube or Wii that we can find is Dolphin, a solid and fast emulator full of features, and that it also offers the particularity of emulating both the GameCube console and the Wii.

It should be noted that Dolphin is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. If you want, you can download this GameCube and Wii emulator by clicking on this link.

MAME arcade emulator

If you are one of those users who yearn for times when they spent hours and hours playing in video game venues without a doubt MAME emulators for PC are the ideal alternative to waste time carelessly and without problems, even for a few hours.

In these emulator arcade programs we can unleash the player we all have inside, since we will be in conditions to replay all those classics but in the comfort and tranquility of our computer.

 emulators-pc- (11)

For replay those games that marked an era like Space Invaders, Pong, Tetris and Mario Bros, nothing better than Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator, an application that allows us to emulate those arcade machines and its excellent and addictive games anytime, anywhere.

If you want to download this arcade game emulator, you can do it by clicking on this link.

SEGA Genesis emulator

There is no doubt that the SEGA seal in any game is always synonymous with high quality and truly recognized titles. Creator of the famous Genesis and Dreamcast consoles and also of arcade machines, since the beginning of the 60’s SEGA has been profiled through the years as one of the benchmark companies in the sector.
Regarding their consoles, the games that have been developed for the same as Mortal Kombat, Streets of Rage, Sonic Mania or Virtual Racing have made history among players around the world.

 emulators-pc- (12)

If you want to enjoy all the magic of Sega games again, the best alternative available is without a doubt KEGA Fusion an emulator of SEGA that can be used to emulate the games of many of the SEGA consoles, including the Sega SG1000, SC3000, SF7000, Master System, Game Gear and Genesis, among others.

It should be noted that KEGA Fusion is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. If you wish, you can download this SEGA emulator by clicking on this link.

SEGA Dreamcast emulator

Another of the SEGA consoles that They have made history is the Dreamcast, the latest game console released by the manufacturer. With it we could play memorable titles like Crazy Taxi, Shenmue, Phantasy Star Online, Soul Calibur, Dead or Alive 2 or Street Fighter, all of them games considered to be the best by players around the world.

 emulators-pc- (13)

If you want to relive those days, you can do it using a SEGA emulator Dreamcast called NullDC, which is completely free, like most of the emulator programs mentioned in this article, and is considered by all its users as the most secure and stable of the SEGA Dreamcast emulators.

It should be noted that NullDC is compatible with Windows and Android. If you wish, you can download it by clicking on this link.

Second part: Android Emulator for PC

There is no doubt that the technology has penetrated strongly into our lives, nowadays anyone uses more than one device to carry out their daily lives, among which tablets and smartphones stand out. These devices, for the most part coincide in one thing, having Google Android as the operating system.

This magnificent operating system for cell phones and portable devices offers great flexibility and, above all, a wide range of applications available through Google Play, which if we could use on our Windows computers would greatly simplify our way of working. But that is a dream that is very far from reality, isn’t it?

 emulators-pc- (14)

One of the difficulties that with greater Often users of portable devices run into each other, it is the impossibility of being able to use the same applications on their tablet, smartphone as on their PC with Windows installed, which in many ways works against their ability to work . For them, there is now an excellent tool that will precisely allow them to bridge the aforementioned devices, which will allow them to streamline and maximize their potential. And of course also run the thousands of games available for Android directly on the computer.

This tool is known as Android Emulator for PC and basically allows us to use all the apps available for Android on any computer. From this point, we will get to know the best Android emulators for PC that exist today.

Bliss OS

Bliss OS is an Android emulator free offered by version 9 “Pie” of the system, which despite its important characteristics, has the problem of being an emulator a bit difficult to install and configure. Among the most important features it offers is the possibility of navigating through gestures, mode “Do not disturb”, many customization options, both in the interface and in the apps, in addition to the security features that make it very safe to use.

 emulators-pc- (15)

If you want, you can download Bliss OS for free clicking on this link.


Without a doubt Bluestacks is a benchmark in the field of Android emulators. Very simple to use and configure, all we have to do is install it and download the apps from Google Play, which is integrated so that the Bluestacks user does not have to worry about anything.

For all these Reasons, Bluestacks is an Android emulator that has been chosen by millions of users to use it as an Android gaming platform on Windows. As for its hardware requirements, the truth is that it really consumes what is necessary, which allows the games and Android apps that we are using through this emulator in Windows to run smoothly, without prevent jamming the basic functions of the operating system.

 emulators-pc- (16)

If you want, you can download Bluestacks for free by clicking on this link.


MEmu is a free Android emulator for PC whose main characteristics is that it is totally specialized in video games, so we can enjoy the thousands of titles available in Google Play on the screen of our Windows computer with just a few clicks of the mouse .

This emul free Android ad for games is really easy to use, without any strange configuration, just install and use, which undoubtedly improves the experience of playing in this type of emulators .

 emulators-pc- (17)

If you want, you can download Memu free by clicking on this link .


There is no doubt that Nox is one of the best free Android emulators to play and use our favorite apps on PC, since it allows us to emulate complex applications such as WhatsApp or Instagram without any problem, very smooth and without complications.

Some of the features that Nox offers us are total compatibility with the applications and games of Newest and most popular Android devices. It is also compatible with any type of keyboard or gamepad, it is capable of taking screenshots and many other very interesting features for Android games.

 emulators-pc- ( 18)

If you want, you can download Nox for free by clicking on this link.


Koplayer is for many the best Android emulator for PC that allows all Android games and applications available on Google Play to run smoothly on a Windows computer. Koplayer is based on the x86 architecture, so it supports advanced functions such as OpenGL and hardware acceleration.

Some of the best features of this emulator for Android are, for example, the possibility of using multiple accounts, recording video games, gamepad and keyboard compatibility, and best of all, in addition to being a free Android game emulator it incorporates Google Play, which is why we are not going to have any kind of problem when you need to install an application or game.

 emuladores-pc- (19)

If you want, you can download Koplayer for free by clicking on this link.


Andy is a free Android emulator that will allow us to download, install and use the m iles of applications and games available in Google Play without problems and quickly.

Without a doubt, one of the best features of Andy is that it does not require a virtual machine to run the games and Android apps, so it is much more fluid and faster than the other Android emulators that we have mentioned in this post.

Very simple to install and completely free, using this emulator. Android we can enjoy all the games and apps from Google Play in the best possible way.

 emuladores-pc- (20)

If you want, You can download Andy for free by clicking on this link.

For the latter, we have left two Android emulators that depart from the rest of those cited in this post, mainly due to the degree of complexity I handle even at the time of being installed and used. However, if we want to enjoy all the advantages of the apps and games on the Google Play platform without an emulator that slows them down, the two alternatives that we will mention below are the most suitable for our needs.


The first of these alternatives is ARChon, an Android emulator in the form of a Chrome extension, which will allow us to run apps and Android games without having to use an emulator, which as we know consume many resources of our system, and which of course are necessary to perform the real task, which is to play or use Android apps on the PC.

However, not everything in this alternative is so perfect, since in order to use an app or game using this Android emulator for Chrome we will have to carry out a series of steps, such as for example co nvert the Android application in APK format, to the Chrome extension format.

 emuladores-pc- (21)

But the performance you get using this procedure is really superior to any emulator . It should be noted that we can use Android apps on Linux, Windows and Mac.

If you wish, you can download ARChon by clicking on this link.

[1945901010] Android x86 Emulator

The Android x86 project is without a doubt the most interesting, powerful, and effective alternative for using Android applications and games on a computer. Unlike the rest of the software mentioned in this post, Android x86 is not an emulator per se, but is an Android operating system that can be installed directly on a PC, that is, we can use it in a computer in the same way as if we were using Windows.

 emuladores-pc- (22)

Of course, this way to emulate Android apps on the PC is undoubtedly the most complicated, since we will need some more advanced computer skills to be able to do it, but the result we will get is really superior, because Android apps and games will take advantage of all the available memory and processing capacity in the same way that they do on a cell phone or a tablet, that is, without going through an emulator.

If you wish, you can download what is necessary to install Android on your PC for free by clicking on this link.

How to use an Android emulator for PC?

Basically, the process de installing and using an Android emulator for PC is quite similar for all the available alternatives, and generally consists of the same steps, which are simple to perform for any user accustomed to this type of operation, without However, there are a large number of people for whom the procedure becomes somewhat complicated, when in reality it is basically the same as when we install any application in Windows.

Anyway, at From this point on, we will explain how to use and install an Android emulator for PC in a simple and clear way.

Step 1

The first thing what we have to do is download our The computer runs the emulator executable file.

 emulators-pc- (23)

Step 2

Once It is already in the download folder on our PC, we run it to install the Android emulator on the computer.

Step 3

We follow the instructions for the Android emulator for PC that will guide us throughout the process, which is similar in all apps of this type.

 emulators-pc- (24 )

Step 4

It should be noted that at a certain point in the installation we will be asked to add or create a Google account, to use on Google Play. At this point we can use our Google account without problems, since behind the majority of Android emulators are serious companies.

 emulators-pc- (25)

Anyway, we can always create a special Google account for the Android emulator.

Step 5

Once We already have everything ready, that is to say, the Android emulator for PC installed and configured, we can start to download and install our favorite applications through Google Play, in the same way that we would do it on a cell phone or tablet.

Third part: Emulator for PC operating systems

Another type of emulator that we can find are called “emulators of operating systems”, which basically are applications capable of creating machines v virtual, that is, spaces in our computer where a different operating system is running than the one we have installed.

The best feature of a emulator for operating systems or virtual machine resides in the possibility of run other operating systems within ours, with which we will be in a position to use certain characteristics of these. This practice is very common for to virtualize distributions of Linux and have some of its advantages within Windows itself.

 emulators-pc- (26)

Also with a virtual machine we can run old operating systems, which is often essential when we have hardware which can only be controlled through a certain version of a system operative.

Among the main types of emulator of operating systems that we find today we can mention for example VirtualBox, VMware, QEMU for Linux or Hyper-V, the native bet of Windows.

Each of these operating system emulators offers its own advantages and features, such as VirtualBox, which is completely free and multiplatform, which means that we will be able to use it on all operating systems. It is also very easy to use, one of the reasons why this OS emulator is so popular.

emuladores-pc- (27)

It also has other advantages such as portability and folder sharing, which makes it easier to use between operating systems. Free and very easy to use, VirtualBox is the perfect alternative for those who want to emulate an operating system easily and without problems.

If you wish, you can download VirtualBox for free by clicking on this link.

Another emulator of operating systems is VMware, which has two versions, one free and the other paid. The free version of VMware, called Workstation Player, is the easiest alternative to use for all those users who need to virtualize an operating system for specific requirements.

Some of the best features of VMware are the ease of creating virtual machines, options for hardware optimization, the ability to use a printer without having to install its drivers, the exchange of snapshots between computers in order to easily exchange machines virtual and much more.

emuladores-pc- (28)

If you wish, you can download VMware by clicking on this link.

Finally, we cannot ignore Microsoft’s commitment in the field of virtual machines, Hyper-V, whose main feature is undoubtedly being integrated within Windows, which greatly facilitates the way to use it.

emuladores-pc- (29)

With Hyper-V, in addition to being able to create emulators of operating systems in a simple and fast way, it offers other features such as the possibility of creating copies of virtual machines to allow their portability, safe startup of emulators in order to protect them from malware and unauthorized access and many other features and benefits.

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