Alonso meets Del Bosque for the coronavirus: "Let no one worry, I will no longer be interested"

On Friday of last week, when the Government had not yet decreed the state of alarm, there was an athlete who, through social networks, was very critical of his management of the coronavirus crisis. It was Fernando Alonso . On Instagram, the two-time Formula 1 champion, commented: “I am stunned. That we will react as the health emergency evolves (it will be different in Spain). That people with symptoms (and the others, To the park? To the bars?). That each autonomous community decides (they don’t catch their fingers or want to) “.

His trial in an Instagram Stories was applauded by many followers, who shared his opinion, but, at the same time, he was censored by many others who recalled that he lived in Switzerland and now resides in Dubai, both countries with ‘friendly’ taxes, and which therefore does not help the needed Spanish public health. Both reactions did not matter too much to Alonso, who a few days later, on Sunday, applauded China’s restrictive measures against the virus as opposed to Spain’s measures, but they were taken into consideration by other protagonists of the sport.


This Monday, former coach Vicente Del Bosque went through the microphones of “El Partidazo” from COPE and Radio MARCA and left a message for Alonso. “I have seen someone who is still protesting because things have been done very badly, that the measures have been delayed and then maybe it is quoted abroad. It is not a stick to anyone. I say it as a generic fact, not against anyone “It is a very complicated issue and we have to be understanding with the authorities,” said the coach, with his usual slow pace, but without hiding his assessment.

Questioned about his opinion on the government’s actions, Del Bosque was more kind: “I have confidence in those who govern us. Despite some comments that say they should have done it before. Anyway, you know that everyone predicts the future, but I think they have acted well, they have put the necessary measures in place, because surely if they had put them in before, people would have said what a scaremonger. They are acting well. ” “I am surprised and confused. We all know when all this has started, but nobody knows when it will end. Hopefully this situation will be solved as soon as possible,” the coach concluded.


The topic could have remained in that exchange, but this Wednesday Alonso finalized it with a new Instagram message. “That is what I put six days ago,” he published, referring to the previous message, that “they don’t catch their fingers or want to.” “I did it with the intention of making people aware of being at home. I have no idea of ​​the virus and I have no idea about anything. Let no one worry, I will no longer be interested. Also, I am glad to know that everyone now already we say and it is the only thing that matters to me. #yomequedoencasa “, wrote the pilot, who then got involved with a follower.

When they made him ugly again that he was taxed in Dubai, Alonso answered the user: “About the quote, find out well … as well as that I give work to 36 people in Spain”.

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