Abascal gives negative after a week of isolation: "I have passed COVID-19"

The president of Vox, Santiago Abascal has overcome its contagion of COVID-19 who has kept him apart from his usual work for a week and has shown his joy, above all, “knowing that many of us will pass it that quickly and we will be able to return to contribute and immediately help in this emergency. ”

Abascal used social networks on Wednesday night to publicize the overcoming of the disease through the following message:” After a week of quarantine without any symptoms, the laboratory confirms that I have passed Covid19. Negative. “

Despite his home isolation Abascal he has kept his social profile active through the networks and early on Wednesday, he pointed out, for example, that “it cannot be that the economic crisis does us more harm than the pandemic.”

“It is time for a great fiscal liberation of quotas and contributions to the self-employed and SMEs, and the elimination of all superfluous ministries and councils, and subsidies to unions, parties, etc., “said Abascal, referring to the government’s measures to deal with the coronavirus crisis.

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