7 Apps For Exercising At Home

Today we have multiple applications that make it easier for us to exercise. Everything depends on our strength of will and the time we have.

Do not have too much time to go to a gym but want to play sports and get fit? Then you can not miss these applications that are completely free and allow you to exercise at home in a comfortable and simple way. In addition, with any of them you will get to get in shape without even having to leave home and without spending money.

Applications For Exercising At Home


More than 300 routines directed by the best coaches specialists in HIIT, dance, kickboxing, yoga and meditation, you can find in this amazing app. Has training for beginners or advanced, you can perform anywhere without weights or additional equipment. The exercises are around 30 minutes, so you can achieve results in a short time.


Did you know that it is the most famous home exercise app in the world? And it is thanks to their yoga exercises in HD with durations and different levels to reduce fat, lose weight and shape the body. The soft music in the background besides relaxing will help you to enjoy for the moment just for you.


It is a perfect application if you do not have much time. Seven challenges you to perform a 7-minute exercise routine for 7 months. You can tone your body with a chair, the wall, and your own weight. The detailed instructions of voice and images for each exercise will make your home the best gym.


Get the flat belly you’ve always wanted with only a few minutes a day. Six pack abs offer a personal trainer that guides you according to your complexion to reduce waste or mark abdominals, through exercises with adjustable intensity. The best part is that the application shares more than 50 tips on the day that will keep you motivated.

5. 30 DAYS

He who perseveres has the body of his dreams and this app of exercises at home makes it much easier. 30 days creates a one-month training program. You decide which exercises to do at the beginning and after, the application creates special sessions that will increase your difficulty gradually over 4 weeks.

6. Push ups Workout

This application will act as a true personal trainer. And it’s as simple as it will help you count the push-ups you take, calculate the amount of calories you burn by exercising, etc.

7. Pocket Yoga

It is one of the best applications for exercising at home because it offers a dictionary of postures, classification and benefits.

Although this app is in English, this will not prevent you from following your classes, since at all times you have the illustrations of the postures that you must perform.

You have a total of 27 classes to choose from. We can find the app available for Android on Google Play.

Now there are no excuses, you have many options to choose from. Download the application that you like the most and start your routine right from the comfort of your home.

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