5G technology: Everything you need to know … and more!

Although in many countries around the world, they are just beginning to enjoy the advantages that the 4G generation offers in communications, e even some still only have infrastructure for 2G and 3G, the truth is that the industry does not stop, since the short-term plans are to replace this mobile phone standard with the so-called 5G, more capable and faster than the previous one. Although in some countries it is already in operation, such as Uruguay, the United States and South Korea, the truth is that it is expected to standardize for the rest of the world by 2020, since it is in full development.

The fact of replacing a communications technology proven as 4G by a completely new standard, but in turn compatible with the previous one, and which represents an unparalleled advance due to the speed it allows to reach and its responsiveness, clearly indicates that the mobile phone market has grown in recent years, which translates into a greater need for performance for the uses that users make of devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops.

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Fortunately, this need for better conditions to communicate, that is, greater bandwidth and therefore upload and download speed, is gradually being covered by the implementation of 5G mobile technology, whereby users who make heavy use of the mobile Internet connection For their daily work something so important today, they will be able to enjoy greater and greater advantages, such as using apps that require the synchronization of large amounts of data.

That the different sectors of communications They have taken such an important step means a substantial change in communications, both for companies and basic telephony customers at the regional level but also on a global scale, since less time to exchange data means less tariff. So radical is the change from the communications standard to 5G that it will mark a before and after in communications. That is why in this post we will find all the information about 5G mobile technology and its scope and advantages for the basic user and companies.

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What is 5G?

Basically, 5G technology is a communications standard that will allow us to count on our devices notebooks with a much faster connection than the current 4G standard. This means that 5G offers a connection 10 times faster than with 4G. This impressive transmission speed will give us the possibility of, for example, downloading a document or video in high resolution in a few seconds, instead of minutes as with 4G technology.

This data is in the theory, since later in use, these speeds are reduced for different technical reasons, but they are still really impressive metrics.

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The additional performance offered by 5G will allow all the services that are carried out through a mobile connection to run much faster and also much more reliably, since that the system is capable of accepting that more devices connect to the network simultaneously.

Another feature that 5G will allow is the intensive use of other devices that also require some type of con network connection to function. Such is the case of sensors that are used in home automation or in the Internet of Things. Before 5G this was practically impossible, but with the greater bandwidth provided by this technology, all kinds of devices such as smart cars, thermostats and other home automation sensors can be connected to the network without problems.

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This is the great difference between generations of 5G and 4G mobile phone technologies, the 4G network it does not have enough bandwidth to support all the data that these devices are capable of transmitting.

Another advantage that networks offer is the reduction of latency, that is to say that It will virtually reduce to zero the time it takes for devices and servers to interconnect, which is more than important for certain technologies such as self-driving cars, as these types of vehicles require seamless communication. You use and without interruptions between the car itself, the sensors it uses and the data centers that process that information.

However, all the practicality and effectiveness of this technology comes at a price, waves of radios used in the 5G spectrum are very high frequency, which means that although they can travel at much higher speeds and offer much more bandwidth because they are precisely high frequency, require an infrastructure of antennas more complex than 4G, that may even require antennas to be installed even separated by a few meters. This is because high frequency transmissions are unable to penetrate solid obstacles such as walls, in addition to not having good range over long distances.

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5G Technology

There is no doubt that one of the most important features within the platform of the fifth generation of the mobile communications standard lies in the fact that 5G will use multiple input and multiple output technology, also known as MIMO, which basically makes use of a set of small antennas that allow each data stream to be managed individually.

In this way , each of the connected users is served by a separate antenna, which of course directly results in the efficiency of the service, since it ultimately collaborates in alleviating the inconveniences of saturation of the radio spectrum available for all the connected devices.

To this fact we must add the that all the companies have achieved based on 5G technology, developing very effective solutions to solve the different problems that wireless connections had in the past.

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With the advent of 5G, and the high frequency of operation that characterizes this mobile phone standard, all these problems that we mentioned above in this same post could be aggravated, but thanks to joint work development problems, the most important problems have been solved, so that the signals can more effectively overcome all obstacles and continue on their way effectively.

In Ultimately, these solutions allow the end user to have a service much more efficient and faster than current 4G communications technology.

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5G Speed ​​

In general terms, what mainly characterizes 5G is its speed, so which compared to current technologies proves to be vastly superior, with connection speeds that have so far been shown to be 30 to 50 times faster than 4G.

As an example, suppose we downloaded a movie from Internet in high definition format but compressed in some kind of HD ripping, that is, the file has an approximate size of 1GB. In theory with 4G technology it would take us around 7 to 10 minutes to download it, whereas with a 5G network, we could download the same movie in around 20 seconds or even less time.

According to some analyzes and evaluations of 5G technology, this platform has allowed speeds of up to 1 Terabit per second (Tbps) to be reached, which is obviously sufficient for what we mentioned above, that is, giving us the possibility of downloading movies in some cases in less than a second . For the comparison, keep in mind that the fourth generation is considerably slower, since it reaches only 15 Megabits per second (Mbps).

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With the arrival of this technology, and its speed, the mobile data market will become the great star of the coming years so that the spread of smartphones and tablets will be even higher to the current one, since in addition 5G technology will allow connections that were previously unthinkable.

Such is the case of the application of home automation, and the possibility of implementing the Internet of Things without major drawbacks, since one of the advantages of 5G lies in that it is capable of supporting this type of platform, which is impossible to achieve with current 4G networks, which for example are not capable of supporting large-scale systems of inter net of things.

According to the theory that is used around the fifth generation, it could manage to manage connections between 7 billion devices, a figure that almost makes us think of science fiction, but that is very real. At the same time, 5G networks will save up to 90 percent of energy consumption compared to 4G and 3G, so it will not only be more efficient in the use of energy, but also much more friendly to the environment.

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On the other hand, another of the great advantages of 5G technology is that the platform is it has built on the premise that it can support and handle all types of traffic with extremely low latency at the same time. This represents a great benefit for portable devices, smart home computers, and even for vehicles that we will see in the near future, where everything will depend on your internet connection.

Implementation of 5G networks

As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, telecommunications companies are in the midst stage of development and field tests for the implementation of 5G networks in the Most countries in the world, in order to provide the user with a more efficient service and with better speed.

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No However, the industry must face some obstacles still present to overcome the challenge, and thus make 5G technology a daily reality throughout the world.

Among these obstacles s, for example, the questions related to the availability of spectrum should be solved since we take into account that the spectrum range assigned to 5G will ultimately determine the speed of future networks based on this technology . Therefore, in order for companies to be able to provide 5G networks with high speeds, they will need to use much more bandwidth.

Another challenge that companies will have to face will be focused on To be able to make 5G technology truly inclusive, that is, to be able to handle the different types of traffic today, since one of the objectives to be achieved with the fifth generation is to have access to this type of networks through any device, not only traditional and portable computers, or smart phones, tablets and others but also that it can be applied to equipment such as wireless virtual glasses, without generating latency problems.

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In short, the truth is that the profits that technology can have ia 5G are almost infinite, everything will depend on the advances in the field of electronics go hand in hand, which will undoubtedly occur, so that the fifth generation will revolutionize the telecommunications industry in a short time, and at the same time it will enable new innovations.

Differences between 4G and 5G

Basically, the differences between 4G and 5G mobile communications technologies are bandwidth, radio spectrum, performance, and of course speed, an aspect to which the other conditions mentioned are closely linked.

The most marked differences in 5G technology are , for example, that this standard makes use of radio frequencies exclusive for that range. In this way a better benefit is obtained, since as we know the radio spectrum is divided into bands, and according to the operating frequency, it offers different characteristics.

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In 4G mobile networks, frequencies below 6 GHz are used, unlike the high operating frequencies of 5G, in a range of 30 GHz to 300 GHz, according to the case. This high frequency of operation allows data traffic at a higher speed than 4G networks. This fact also allows us to offer more bandwidth to meet more demand, in addition to not causing interference with other devices.

Likewise, 5G mobile technology uses shorter wavelengths, which it translates into smaller antennas, but in greater quantity. This also allows it to be able to supply many more devices than 4G could.

Another of the obvious differences between 4G and 5G networks is that 5G networks will be able to better process the type of data request, which, among other things, allows switching between operating modes, that is, 5G networks will be able to switch between a low-power and a high-power mode when the need for data transmission requires it.

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However, the big difference between 4G networks and 5G networks is in speed. In this sense, the 5G standard is 20 times faster than 4G. The 5G mobile network offers us 20 Gb / s, in ideal areas, while the 4G networks only 1 Gb / s, in the same conditions.

This will undoubtedly allow us to upload a video or a web page to incredible speed, as well as make video calls with the best possible quality and without setbacks.


Although 5G technology It may take a little longer to be fully available throughout the world, the truth is that in places where it has already been implemented, it works in a really fantastic way.

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Although it is still not very clear, 4G and 5G could coexist, 5G in urban areas with a high concentration of users and 4G technology in places further away. This could happen until 5G mobile networks are fully deployed, which could take considerable time.

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