5 Basic Accessories for Pastry Lovers

Confinement is bringing to light all pastry lovers . This love for sweets is not only transmitted by eating, but also by cooking. If before we had to find time to enjoy that much-needed hobby, now we have everyone in the world and more, what we will lack will be tools. As we make biscuits and cakes, we discover the pleasure of home cooking. From here, we lack those basic accessories that allow us to achieve a perfect result, spatulas, scales, molds or mixers are essential in this new era in which pastry reigns.

Basic accessories for confectionery lovers

  • A digital scale is a must. Weighing the quantities is one of the secrets of a good pastry chef. As we enjoy the pleasure of good cooking, we discover that a tool like this will help us create impressive sweets. Look for one that also weighs liquids and you’ll have the perfect scale in your hands.
  • A cake and cake decorating gun will be the most desired in the house. If you have children or are a perfectionist, this gun is necessary. You can create the best cakes in the neighborhood with professional details that will make a difference. For less than 20 euros on Amazon, cakes, pastries, muffins or snacks will be worthy of the cover of a pastry magazine.
  • Look for a 2-in-1 mixer and mixer that is well priced . For about 60 euros you have this item. You never would have realized how important it is until you have assembled the whites by hand the first time. Thanks to this wonder you can reach the snow point by pressing a single button. In addition to getting a kneading worth several minutes of hard work.
  • Non-stick molds will change your life. Not having to butter a conventional mold, discovering that, in addition, there is a great variety of shapes and sizes, it is the best thing about homemade pastries. A good custom mold, depending on the people at home or the type of cake is one of the most missing elements. Without it the dough can stick or is more difficult to remove from the mold.
  • The grater and strainer will never be the same again. A colander of various sizes to sift flour, cocoa or yeast will be something we never thought we would have. Until now this tool had a very specific use. In the same way that the grater, it will not only be used for vegetables, it will be used to grate chocolate or the skin of some citrus fruits will make it a very special piece.

Find the tools you need the most to achieve the most professional finish possible. These elements are capable of completely transforming the way of cooking, you will go from amateur with great desire to expert with finishes worthy of showing off on Instagram.

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