3 Natural Remedies To Soothe Breasts Itching

The itching in the breasts may be due to a lack of hydration, so it is essential to maintain adequate levels, both internally and externally, to relieve discomfort.

The stinging in the breasts is usually a common evil among women and also in men. If this is your case, read on, then we will share 3 natural remedies to calm the itching in the breasts. However, before that it is important to know the causes that can cause itching in this delicate area.

Why Breast Itching Occurs

There are many reasons why a person may have itchy breasts; One of them is the allergic reactions produced by the body against substances present in certain products. Among the most frequent cases are shampoos, soaps, perfumes, lotions or creams that have direct contact with the skin.

Also, the itching, redness, irritation and rashes in the area may be due to contact with the synthetic fibers of clothing, especially those of bras. It may also be due to the detergents and aromatic rinses with which those garments are washed.

Staying Hydrated Is Vital

In many other cases, the itching in the breasts may be the result of drinking too little water. As you know, a healthy, bright and beautiful skin depends on keeping us well hydrated . Otherwise, the skin of the whole body becomes dry and it is when the stinging may arise.

Therefore, the best remedy for soothing the breasts is to drink enough water throughout the day; between two to three liters per day . If you do this it is almost certain that the itch will subside.

Natural Remedies To Soothe Breasts Itching

Once you have identified the cause of the stinging in the breasts, it will be easier to attend and prevent future episodes. However, if you now suffer from this condition, what can you do about it? Here we present 3 natural remedies to calm the itching in the breasts.

1. Apply aloe vera

The aloe vera is a gel used to treat numerous health problems. However, it is recommended in a special way for cases in which you suffer from a skin condition.

Aloe vera relieves inflammation, repairs and moisturizes the skin . Its use is recommended as one of the remedies to calm the itching in the breasts. How can you use it in these cases?

How to use aloe vera

You only need an aloe vera leaf and extract the pulp or gel that is inside .
Apply directly on the affected area; Wait a few minutes for it to dry and repeat the procedure two or three times a day.

2. Honey: moisturizing par excellence

The honey is a natural ingredient that helps in the care and hydration of the skin. Despite deeply moisturizing, it works properly on all skin types, including the most delicate .

It stands out for its incredible anti-inflammatory properties. It relieves irritation and even heals and heals wounds, since it stimulates the immune system, and is a great remedy for wounds and burns. why do not you try it?

How to use honey

The amount of honey will depend on each case . However, you can start with half a teaspoon and apply it with clean hands on the affected area.
It is important to let the honey act for 10 or 20 minutes or, if you have the chance, leave it until it dries completely.
Repeat the application until the discomfort decreases.
If you can not let the honey dry, remove it with a damp, clean towel with gentle movements. You do not need to apply moisturizer afterwards. However, this option may vary if your skin requires it.

3. Castor oil

In addition to providing relief from irritation and inflammation, castor oil is excellent in these cases for its antibacterial properties, as it prevents the injured area from becoming infected . It is often used as a skin lubricant, so it is one of the best natural remedies for soothing the sinuses.

Other recommended oils are:

Almonds, which moisturizes the skin and is perfect for treating wounds and scars.
Argan, with its unsurpassed vitamin E content
Lavender or coconut are also very effective in soothing the itch.

How to use the oils

After washing your hands thoroughly, apply the castor oil on the affected area.
If possible, perform a massage so that the properties of the oil have a better effect .
Wait for the oil to be absorbed by the skin, or remove the excess gently.

Some other measures

First of all, it is recommended to shower with warm water , since hot water tends to dry the skin. Dryness would make the itching worse in the breasts.

On the other hand, some cleaning products and personal hygiene can become aggressive with the skin, especially the sensitive type. Therefore you should try to use neutral soap, without aroma, with glycerin or moisturizing type .

In addition, a simple way to encourage the recovery of natural oils from the skin of the breasts is to pass the soap through the area, without scrubbing excessively. When drying, use a clean towel; Dry the area with delicate touches, avoiding rubbing the breasts.


The irritation in the breasts can be very annoying and painful, but we hope that, with these tips, you can choose one or two of the natural remedies to calm the itching in the breasts. The healing process may take a few days, so you must be patient .

However, in case you do not notice any improvement, you should visit the specialist, since the problem could be due to a fungus, cancer or a severe skin infection. Do not let more time pass and get going. Your health is very important.

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