20 years of PlayStation 2: these were his 20 best games

The PlayStation 2 turns 20 and we can’t think of a better way to remember one of the favorite consoles (and DVD players) than with 20 best games.

If you are in your thirties like me, surely you will have many good memories of the PlayStation 2, the second video game console from Sony that today is no less than 20 years since its launch in Japan .

Maybe you also convinced your parents to spend the 74,900 pesetas (450 euros today) that it cost because it also served as a DVD player . We paid less than 50,000 pesetas (300 euros) because we did not buy it at launch, but the excuse was the same. The price was still high, but not much more than its heirs are worth today .

None of them has managed to reach its sales figures, which today crown it as the best-selling video game console in history with 157.7 million units. Behind, the current PS4 (has reached 108.9 million), the original PlayStation (which launched 25 years ago in Spain and has 102.5 million units in the market) and the Nintendo Wii (sold 101, 6 million units). This is the only console that is not from Sony of the entire Top 5, because in fifth place is the PS3 with 87.4 million.

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