20 Healthy Dinner Ideas For Kids Who Are Quick To Make.

Dinner is one of the most complicated meals of the day , because it is the last intake we are going to make before bedtime. As a general rule, dinner has to be a light meal, without many calories and without many fats, so that our body rests well at night.

Dinner Ideas For Kids
Dinner Ideas For Kids

As a general rule, dinner is the meal that brings us more headache throughout the day because sometimes it is very difficult to vary the menu. But when it comes to our children, it is even worse. The children’s dinner has to be complete, to replenish all the energy spent throughout the day, but it cannot be copious, so inspiration sometimes shines through its absence.

20 Delicious Quick Dinner Ideas For Kids

If what you need is a little inspiration when preparing dinner for your children, you are in the right place, because we are going to provide you with 20 wonderful recipes so that your children can eat in a healthy and balanced way and, at the same time , do not get bored of always eating the same.

1. Ham and cheese sandwich: Although we think that bread is not an option for dinner, do not worry, because when it comes to children it is different. Recipes for children’s meals must always include more hydrates than adults because they need more energy.

Ham and cheese sandwich
Ham and cheese sandwich

2. French omelette: To the French omelette we can add tuna, cheese or ham. Thus we will give it a different and richer flavor.

3. Vegetable puree: This is one of the best options when our son does not like vegetables , because in mash he will not see them. One of the easiest and fastest options is the typical vegetable puree.

Vegetable puree
Vegetable puree

4. Eggs with vegetables: This is an option for children who do like vegetables.

5. Carrot cream: Add some cheese to give it a different touch.

6. Hake Fingers: A fun way for children to eat fish.

7. Chicken / turkey burger with cheese: Without a doubt one of the favorite recipes for children.

8. Wonder soup: It is a fun way for children to have soup. We can even add vegetables to make the recipe more complete.

9. Hake meatballs: It is a very easy recipe to prepare and also this fish is highly recommended for children because it has many benefits. It is a simple recipe to prepare with a fish very beneficial for children.

Hake meatballs
Hake meatballs

10. Zucchini balls: The zucchini offers many options to make different recipes and in this way our children will eat it in a fun way.

11. Grilled chicken breast with mashed potatoes: It is a very nutritious and complete dinner to recover the energies of a hard day.

12. Mexican chicken and vegetable tacos: It is a fun way for our little ones to taste the food of other cultures. Of course, avoid spicy.

13. Cuban rice with egg: A very nutritious dinner for the little ones. We can also put some fried tomato to give it a different flavor.

14. Baked chicken wings: By making baked wings, instead of fried, we are saving our little ones from taking unnecessary fats. And they also have a spectacular flavor. Baked chicken wings taste spectacular.

Baked chicken wings
Baked chicken wings

15. Spinach burger: It is a different way for our children to take vegetables and not even notice it. Today in any supermarket we can find this type of hamburgers but why don’t you dare and cook it with your kids ?

16. Gnocchi with cheese: They are potato balls that drive the little ones crazy. From Bekia we recommend combining them with cheese, but there are plenty of possible combinations.

17. Salmon steak with vegetable sticks: Salmon will provide the child with the necessary protein to continue growing strong and healthy. The vegetables can be put with hummus to make it more fun and do not think you are eating vegetables.

18. Potato omelette: This is one of the children’s favorite dinners. The potato omelette has a flavor that they love and it gives them a lot of energy. The potato omelette will always be one of the children’s favorite dishes.

Potato omelette

19. Vegetable quiche: Another healthy and fun option for dinner for the little ones.

20. Ham and cheese toast: Ideal for a quick dinner when we are not what to cook.

We must always take into account and adapt the meals to the tastes and needs of children. In this case, if the midday meal has been rich in carbohydrates, dinner should be rich in protein and if on the contrary we have cooked a lighter lunch, we can prepare a slightly more elaborate dinner recipe. When it comes to children, we don’t have to take so much into account the calories of the dishes because our children are going to need a lot of energy to face their day to day.

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