17 Benefits of Homemade Food

We live in a stressed society that spends half of its time on some type of transportation to reach its destination. This means that we take quality hours from the kitchen, so we end up eating whatever we have had time to prepare before leaving or going to a bar to snack on whatever they have.

Benefits of Homemade Food

On other occasions, the excuse is that you have no notions of cooking or that cooking is not very pleasant. But the truth is that cooking can be very fun while entertaining.

Contrary to what many people think, it is not necessary to have a lot of culinary skills to make delicious recipes and dishes as well as healthy and nutritious dishes. It is said that “we are what we eat”, for that reason it is necessary to devote to the kitchen a few hours a week. However, it is not necessary to cook every day to eat healthily, it is only a matter of organizing to create a menu that yields for several days.

On the Internet, there are countless pages to find help and ideas. In this recipe book, there is a wide variety of recipes ranging from rice, pasta, stews, desserts or fish and seafood. Thanks to this, users can organize a weekly meal plan and freeze the dishes they make so they last longer.

This will always be much better than feeding on pre-cooked, packaged or canned products. The advantages are not only measured in the field of health, but they are also monetary. Eating out frequently is more expensive than cooking at home. That is why the best option is to prepare homemade food with the help of cooking blogs to find variety and not get bored with the same dishes.

When it comes to feeding your body and mind, nothing beats homemade food, prepared with quality ingredients and served with love.

If you are a fan of eating in restaurants, ordering food on delivery or buying frozen foods, you have to know these 17 reasons to prefer homemade food.

The Benefits of Eating Homemade Foods

1. You save money

Packaged and prepared meals cost much more than cooking with fresh ingredients. Other ways to save money include buying bulk food, using discount coupons and eating more vegetarian meals. It is one of the most relevant aspects and one of the great benefits of homemade food. Cooking at home allows you to save a lot of money, not only because you do not pay an added value to each dish as in a bar, but when you buy more quantity and cook on a larger scale the price of each portion will be much cheaper.

2. Higher quality foods

Selecting the quality of the food to be consumed, choosing fruits and vegetables and being able to use extra virgin olive oil are key elements to obtain the benefits of everything that is cooked.

In most cases, restaurants add extra products, such as salt or sugar, to make the dishes tastier, or reuse the oils to make the dishes cheaper. On the other hand, if you cook at home you can add the quantities you want and use higher quality products without preservatives or dyes that can also be made with the Thermomix

3. Better planning

Eating out does not allow you to plan the meal of the week, a crucial aspect to take care of food and the family economy. If you want to eat a balanced diet and save on meals, the members of the house must plan a weekly menu with all the necessary products they will consume.

And since excess sodium leads to an increased risk of hypertension, one of the main benefits of cooking at home is that you gain more control over the amount of salt you consume.

4. Eat balanced meals

Taking time to plan the weekly menu not only helps you save time and money but also allows you to design balanced menus and meals, with all the necessary nutrients, vitamins, and essential minerals.

5. Choice of recipes

No one better than yourself to know your preferences. Being the user who cooks, you can directly choose freely which recipes to prepare for the week. In the kitchen, imagination has no limit and, in case you need help, it is easy to turn to the Internet for inspiration.

Thanks to this it will not be necessary to comply with the “ typical menus ” offered by bars and restaurants, but everyone can choose what to eat.

6. Portion and quantity control

It is usual that in some stores the quantities are larger than those that should be eaten. That abundance on the plate is not always good for your health. On the other hand, at home, you will always have maximum control of the amount of food on the plate and the portions of the fruit that you want to consume throughout the day.

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7. Avoid food poisoning

Millions of people suffer from food poisoning every year due to cheap food prepared by inexperienced handlers who work in restaurants and food houses.

When preparing meals at home you can better control temperatures when cooking meats, keep your hands and workspaces clean, and properly handle raw and cooked foods.

8. Avoid temptations

When you control what you are going to consume, you avoid spending extra money on products that tempt the palate. Not having to go to bars or stores eliminates the temptation to buy sweets or desserts that are not needed. The establishments have a great variety of products loaded with sugars and salt.

9. You have more energy

Food can be a source of energy and health, or it can cause illness and exhaustion. If you cook at home you can choose healthy foods that give you the most energy, while eating outside you don’t know what kind of food the dishes were prepared with.

10. You control your weight

The large portions served in the restaurants make us tend to eat more, but cooking at home allows you to control portion sizes and avoid overeating, and thus control your weight naturally.

11. The decrease in sugar consumption

Large amounts of sugar are present in many processed foods, including those that you wouldn’t even think about, such as mayonnaise, juices and frozen waffles.

12. You eat healthier

Only one in four people say they eat healthy food when they go out to eat or order food, according to a 2013 study carried out by the market research firm NPD Group.

Cooking at home will help you choose healthier menu options than what you would choose if you eat outside.

13. Promotes family unity

Preparing homemade food including all family members in the preparation of food is a way of giving and sharing the love. And teaching children to cook is a gift that they will use throughout their lives and transmit it to the next generations.

14. Teach your children to appreciate healthy foods

Cooking at home is also an opportunity for your children to help you in the kitchen when you can take advantage of teaching them not only about cooking but also teaching them about nutrition and healthy eating.

15. You consume less trans fat

Trans fats, which increase the shelf life and improve the texture or taste of food, are found in many processed foods. That is why another of the main advantages of cooking at home is that you can avoid many of those unhealthy fats that raise LDL (bad cholesterol).

16. Advantages and benefits of cooking at home frequently

Although everyone likes to eat outside the home, this should be occasional and for pleasure, not an obligation. Also, the benefits and advantages of carrying more meals at home than on the street are endless

17. Cooking at home could help you live longer

A 2012 study by Public Health Nutrition showed that cooking up to five times a week was associated with a 47 percent greater chance of being alive a decade later.

The study, conducted by researchers from Taiwan and Australia, was based on data from a group of 1,888 people over 65. So if you want to live longer, prefer homemade food!

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