10 Foods That Strengthen Your Hair

Having healthy and resistant hair is easier than you think! You should only add a couple of foods to your diet.

1. Dairy

Milk, yogurt, and cheese are rich in calcium. Therefore, they will prevent you from having a brittle mane.

2. Nuts
Nuts, almonds, and seeds help prevent baldness, as they contain large amounts of vitamin B and zinc. Turn them into your best ally for healthy and strong hair!

3. Meat
Chicken and turkey are low in fat and good sources of protein for your hair.

4. Vegetables
Especially the spinach. Vegetables are key elements in the oxygenation of your scalp. They help improve circulation and prevent your fall.

Benefits Of Ginger In Hair

5. Salmon
It is essential to give your hair elasticity and firmness. It contains omega 3 and vitamin B, so it will also give an incredible shine.

6. Citrus
Fruits rich in vitamin C, such as orange, lemon, and grapefruit, stimulate the production of collagen. Include them in your diet for stronger hair.
Your Advantage? They make the hair grow faster and more resistant.

7. Cereals
If you tend to dye your hair or decolour it very often, cereals like wheat germ are a great solution for you.
Being composed of fiber, they help the hair cuticles and restore from the root to the tip.

8. Eggs
The clear of this food provides a large amount of iron and proteins that will strengthen your hair.

9. Avocado
It is not by chance that there are so many hair treatments made with this ingredient.
Its high content of vitamins and minerals soften your hair and, of course, make it stronger.

The Benefits Of Carrot In Hair

10. Legumes
They are highly recommended if you feel that your hair is weak and falls easily. Lentils, beans, and beans are the best results.

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